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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Chrome for Android updated, WebRTC coming

The latest announcement from the Chrome team saw some improvements to the omnibox suggestions for Chrome for desktop, but more importantly for Android they've announced that WebRTC will now be incorporated into the Android Chrome Browser. Introduced into Chrome Beta...

Koush releases AirCast app beta on limited release

Chromecast suffers from a flaw at the moment, and that is that none of the developers who are making apps for the device are actually able to release them. Google has to whitelist devices in order for them to...

How to get your hands on a Chromecast by ordering from the US

The Chromecast was the big surprise that Google launched alongside the updated Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and the Google Play Text Books and Gaming service. Since the launch, we've looked on with jealousy as consumers and tech sites in...

Chromecast functions built into Cyanogen Mod

Looks like Koush is thinking beyond basic apps with his latest foray into Chromecast development. Koush has released a video showing the ability to cast any video or audio related stream to the Chromecast at system level, with the...

App to share media from Dropbox to Chromecast shown off

With a large number of mainstream applications working on Chromecast support, it's great to see other developers also working on their own Chromecast applications and well known Android developer Koush has already shown off an app that shares local...

Chromecast App for Local Media Arrives

It hasn't been even a week since the announcement of the Chromecast dongle from Google and yet already developers are playing with the beta SDK and producing very useful apps.  The Chromecast unit itself has already been pulled apart,...

ABC investigating Chromecast capability for iview app

With the announcement by Google of Chromecast a number of developers have begun looking at adding the function into their apps. As there was a pretty good reception towards the news that the ABC was actively developing an iview...

Chromecast exploit found and exposed to gain remote root access

It's a Google Device so obviously the first thing that enthusiasts are looking for is ways to play with it. The team at GTVHacker has just announced the first exploit for the newest Google hardware release a little over...

iFixit tear down the Chromecast and Nexus 7 (2013)

Those masters of all things breakable...and repairable - ifixit - have done their duty and torn down the two newest products on the market from Google this week the Chromecast and the Nexus 7 (2013). Both devices have...

Shifty Jelly looking at implementing Chromecast capability in Pocket Casts

Everyones favourite Android podcasting App - Pocket Casts - could soon have Chromecast capability built-in at least according to a tweet sent out from their twitter feed this morning. https://twitter.com/pocketcasts/status/360552154114686976 There's not much more to say at this stage, Russell from...

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