I’ve been giving Diablo IV a workout since its release and am loving it. The game is an outstanding update to Diablo III which, until this was released, I was still playing regularly. The update brings with it new challenges, deeper immersion in the sanctuary and gameplay.

Like many, though, there’s a financial challenge if you’re not 100% sure you’ll love the game; at $154.95 for the Ultimate Edition, $139.95 for the Deluxe and $109.95 for the Standard. So this weekend’s free-to-play period will be welcome for many to make that decision to buy, or not to buy.

As part of Xbox Free Play Days, players can enter Sanctuary and kick off their journey through the story of the Eternal Conflict for ten hours starting today, 20 October AEDT through Monday, 23 October AEDT.

If you decide to purchase after your 10 hours of gameplay trial, then you’ll (for a short time only) enjoy a 25% discount on the purchase of any edition of the game; and, your character progress will be carried over from the trial to your full version.

Why not give it a go, there’s no cost — apart from the 90+ GB of data to download — and you may well save a good chunk of money buying now. If you’re heading for the Sanctuary and want some company, hit me up on BattleNet and we’ll destroy some demons together.