+ Thursday May 23rd, 2019

Smart Home and Wearables

Amazon is now offering free, ad-supported Amazon Music playlists to Alexa users

Just a day after their joint press release announcing YouTube for Amazon devices and Amazon Prime Video for Chromecast, Amazon’s decided to match one of Google’s other recent announcements. Straight after Google announced free YouTube Music streaming for Google Home and Assistant-powered devices, Amazon has decided to offer some more …

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Put Google Assistant in any Car with Anker Roav Bolt, we may even see it in Australia

Earlier this year Anker announced its Google Assistant Powered 12V accessory socket USB Charger/ voice assistant module the Roav Bolt. The Bolt plugs into your 12v socket in your car and gives you 2 USB power outlets and Voice integration with Google Assistant. The best bit? It’s now on the …

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Major TicTocTrack Watch Security Flaws Discovered

Australian security researcher Troy Hunt has just reported major security flaws in the popular TicTocTrack Watch used by Australian parents to track their children. Hunt and Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners discovered that the TicTocTrack Watch was simply a rebranded Gator tracking watch. This type of child tracking watch …

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Google Home devices no longer repeat what they’re doing, at least in Assistant Routines

One of the most annoying quirks of Google Home devices is their incessant need to repeat what the instructions they’ve just been given. Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t do this – thank goodness – but Google’s Assistant still does, and it drives us nuts. Fortunately, it seems change is in the air. …

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Amazon Echo Link and Echo Link Amp bring streaming music to your existing audio gear

Amazon are getting serious about the Aussie market bringing more and more equipment from the Alexa range of devices to our market. The Echo Link and Echo Link Amp have both started sales here in Australia. Both bring Alexa functionality to your home through the Alexa app or voice control …

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Alphabet’s Wing will take to the the skies above more of Australia with its drone delivery service

Alphabet’s Wing drone delivery service has been in testing in Canberra for some time now, with the team behind the aerial delivery service read to make the next big step and start a wider commercial delivery service. After kitting out a purpose-built delivery warehouse, Wing has been waiting for regulatory …

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