Diablo IV is huge right now, the gameplay is fantastic, and the game itself is immensely fun. The Mother’s Blessing event is underway now and finishes on September 6th at 3 a.m. AEST.

During the event, new buyers can enjoy discounts of 20% — Delux Edition — up to 25% discount off — Ultimate Edition — of the game making it a great for your gamer Dad too.

Users who are already in the game, want to progress faster or start a new character without the early grind should get in now. The Mother’s Blessing event, aside from hefty discounts on game purchases, also brings with it in-game bonuses. That includes 25% gold and XP bonuses:

Join the fellow wanderers of Sanctuary as they unchain their hunger for a rewarding reckoning during the Diablo® IV Mother’s Blessing Weekend through 6 September at 3am AEST. Evoke a macabre symphony of amplified demise as each of your conquests reward 25% bonus XP and Gold during the event.

If you’ve got or can make the time in the next few days to spend some extra time in Diablo IV, the rewards are going to be there. If anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be in the Sanctuary… Hit me up if you’re on Battle.net, if I’m gaming then I’m always up for some company: PryMaL#1281