Each year, we steadily see more and more from GoPro products. This year, we’re seeing more in a few areas, including more battery, more features for capturing video, a wider capture area and more ways to edit and share your adventures.

Landing at a price consistent with previous iterations of GoPro, the GoPro Hero 12 costs AU$649.00 users will enjoy the same quality of video — HDR at 5.3K and 4K — we’ve come to expect. GoPro has clearly been doing a lot of work on battery life though, because there’s a promise of “up to 2x longer runtimes” through its redesigned power management system.

A request posed during briefings over the past few years has been delivered: The GoPro Hero 12 Black has support for Bluetooth audio input. This can be items like AirPods or Bluetooth Microphones like the Razer Siren.

It’s not just new features that are going to catch the eye though; there are improvements to long-standing features of the GoPro platform too. HyperSmooth 6.0 takes video stabilisation to another level, with the need for a gimbal — even on the most jolting of activities — now essentially eliminated.

GoPro CEO and Founder Nicholas Woodman made a comment about the development of GoPro cameras:

Our new flagship camera is the culmination of GoPro’s 21 years of experience and our
passion for helping you capture and share your life in an immersive, dream-like way that makes you and
your audience feel like you’re right there again, reliving your favourite experiences in vivid detail.

Coupled with the improved Max Lens Mod 2.0, you’ll be capturing a maximum — at 4K 60FPS — 177 degree field of view; so you’re not going to miss a thing. This also enables the hyper-immersive Max HyperView mode, utilising the extra-large 8:7 sensor.

The development of the GoPro camera design has maintained its action camera status, steps into the Vlogging and content creation realms increasing its versatility.

We’re waiting on access to a review unit soon and will report back on how the feature additions and improvements affect the user experience.

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It’s probably important to point out that the removal of GPS likely contributed to the increase in battery life. I guess that could be called a “redesigned power management system”.