We’ve all got family or friends who are — at least a little — technophobic and reluctant to upgrade a piece of tech that’s still functional. Well, with the pending shutdown of the 3G networks, there are a lot of folks who will be forced to make a change. If the thought of a massive upgrade to a smart device is overwhelming, or you need to disconnect from some of the digital noise, then Aspera has a couple of options for you.

Meet the $99 F50 flip phone and the $69 F48 candy bar phones.

Both devices, of course, are intended to fill a need on a budget; so are capable of 4G only. The desirability of the F50 is also helped by the SOS button on the device, giving quick access to alerting family to a problem; a very useful feature if you’ve got elderly relatives.

Aspera MD Allan Robertson explained the design when he said:

“At Aspera we understand that some people want to keep it simple and not everyone needs all the functionality of a smartphone, nor the distractions that can come with being permanently connected. For these people phones that are simple and easy to use are the best way forward and those two features are perfectly embodied by the F50 and F48.”

Being simple devices, aimed at users who simply need call and SMS functionality, they still both have an FM Radio and support Bluetooth for call handling. Without the battery-sucking, data-hungry apps running all the time, the F48 and F50 offer users multiple days of standby time.

Commenting regarding pricing, Robertson said:

“They are both extremely good value at $69 for the F48 and $99 for the F50 and are both great 3G to 4G upgrade options. This means when you do upgrade, you can still retain your favourite style of phone.”

At the asking price, they could be considered consumables and won’t break the bank if you pick one up as an emergency standby phone in case of a smartphone disaster. You can grab both now from Big W, Mobileciti, Mobile Experts, Retravison and convenience stores around the country.