In the middle of last month, Ookla – The company behind Speedtest – released a 5G availability map which is a useful tool to users wondering if they’re going to see benefit from upgrading.

There’s further good news (in part at least) that they have now added “pre-release” towers to the list.

5G pre-release towers

What this means for users is that you can see not only commercially available towers, but locations where the spectrum is in use but not publicly, which is a very strong indication that there’s a new tower in the making.

The bad news is that there are none that are showing in Australia at the moment.

Will you be looking to get on the 5G bandwagon, or waiting for the technology to develop before joining the fray?

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@Lyn 4Mbps is still not very good. You might be better off waiting for better mobile coverage (5g). I recently switched from ADSL to wireless broadband and it is nowhere near as stable. Speed fluctuates and there are regular drop outs. Plus with Optus at least you either need to sign up on a 24 month contract or pay for your modem up front (approx $200). Having said that if you also invest in a rooftop 4g antenna you may be able to get faster speeds than you’ve been getting on your phone (make sure you speed test on your… Read more »


Hi Phil,
I get very slow internet speed,around 2msps as my address still on ADSL, not cable, and NBN has not installed till June next year.
I try to test the speed on my mobile phone using the mobile plan , it is faster, that is around 4 msps.
I need your advice should I ditch the ADSL home plan & go for mobile internet. Please take note that I work from home from a desktop, does it affects using internet from my desktop.
Currently I am with Telstra ADSL home plan.
I live in Fairfield nsw.
Thanks Phil.