The boat-rocking team from Boost is back with another offer, this time jumping on the NBN train with Boost Broadband coming soon. Now, for anyone who keeps an eye on the market, this isn’t a surprise; with company founder openly speaking about the potential of Boost offering broadband services when I spoke to him in 2022. Now, that discussion and dream is set to become a reality as Boost Broadband.

The landing page for Boost Broadband promises three things:

  1. More Speed: Enjoy close to 1 Gbps* & up to 15x faster^ speeds than standard NBN with fibre to the premise (FTTP)
  2. More Reliable: Faster response times, lower latency, consistent speeds with NBN fibre to the premise (FTTP)
  3. Better Service: You matter! Elevated customer service support with self-care options & a team to support you

This follows a previous promise to consumers — or threat to the competition — made quite some time ago, a fact highlighted by Peter Adderton at the service release:

We made a commitment previously to expand into other areas of the telco industry that need disruption, and today is a first and very important step in fully capitalising on the trust that so many Australians have placed in us and the Boost brand.

At the forefront of the thinking with Boost Broadband is the customer experience, which is undoubtedly the driver for having self-care and support options to resolve any issues. As someone who switched to Boost a couple of years ago, I’ve had no issues with the coverage and have saved a substantial amount of money; so if the broadband offerings are on the mark, I’ll consider switching over because they push the boundaries for consumers:

This is a major moment in Boost Mobile’s history as we expand beyond mobility for the first time. For 24 years we have been waking up every day and fighting for our consumers, making sure they get a great deal and a great service. As we close in on one million Australian prepaid mobile customers who trust us with their mobile communications, it only makes sense to also help them in their home,

It will be very interesting to see what Boost delivers by way of NBN plans, perhaps mobile packages too, and where in the market they’re aiming to capture users. One thing is for certain: given the track record that Adderton has of rocking the boat and the team at Boost Australia taking feedback from customers, it’s likely to be a competitive offering, but we just don’t know when…

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Im with launtel now

I could move to boost mobile nbn 1000/50

lets wait and see their prices 🙂