This one is a bit different and raised my eyebrows when I was scanning my email this morning. XCD has launched a portable air purifier, aimed at improving the quality of air, and comfort of your space around you on the go.

It’s an ultra-compact device that fits in a standard vehicle cup holder, capable of removing many airborne contaminants and odours. This isn’t an all-day solution, but with a 4 hour battery it’ll comfortably see you through your commute or short-term needs until you can get power to the battery.

Weighing a mere 330 grams, it’s not something you’ll notice if you add one to your daily carry bag either.

We live in a beautiful country that triggers a lot of allergies (I suffer hay fever myself) and conditions like Asthma on a daily basis. When you add in natural disasters like bushfire, having a device like this is likely to be thought of as a blessing, potentially a lifesaver for many.

Some of the features of the device include a three-speed fan (allowing you to maximise the life of the battery, or prioritise air quality), an air quality meter visible to users, USB-C Charging and a power indicator,

It does all this while operating as quietly as 40dB and seems almost too good to be trued priced at $129.00 and it’s available now exclusively through JB Hi-Fi stores nationally and online.