+ Sunday June 16th, 2019

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Google updates Device Assist app with new tips, rich media and availability – now available in Australia

Google’s Device Assist app, which offers tips and proactive help with issues on Nexus and Android One handsets has received an update today with a few new features, but the headline feature is that it’s now available in more countries including Australia. The Device Assist app will analyse your phone …

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Google acquires messaging startup – Emu – perhaps looking to improve Google Now through Hangouts

Messaging startup Emu has been acquired by Google, at least according to a message on the homepage of the site. Emu, is a messaging app, which gleans contextual information from your chats and allows some Google Now like functionality to be used straight from the app. The automation features are …

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Google confirms Hangouts v2.1 drains battery, and is working on a fix

Google’s Hangouts application, used to provide instant messaging, video conferencing and SMS/MMS integration on Android devices, has been found guilty. Guilty of draining excessive battery power, that is. Raised on Google’s Hangouts Group (a support forum), a number of users were finding higher than normal battery usage attributed to the …

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Gmail on desktop gets updated Hangouts with availability indicators, improved search & emoji

  Google announced recently that improvements have been added to the Hangouts messaging feature built into Gmail on the desktop. The small green availability indicators next to the profile photos of contacts have returned, message snippets and improved search functionality are being introduced along with 80 emoji. Starting today you’ll see …

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