+ Monday September 23rd, 2019

News and Editorial

Google temporarily suspends transcription of Assistant recordings, amid EU investigation

Like most AIs, Google’s Assistant isn’t actually Skynet, and doesn’t actually learn by itself. Just as with Siri and Alexa, Assistant is improved – at least in part – by humans transcribing interactions and helping Assistant to better understand what it’s being asked to do. In Google’s case, recent news …

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Will your next smartphone be made by an Australian company? Mintt’s offering six devices, from $179 up to $400

Mintt is an Australian smartphone manufacturer that’s releasing a range of budget-friendly devices to the Australian market. We’ve got a lot of competition in this space locally, but with a number of success stories it seems there’s always room for more players offering quality products and value for money – …

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Google Assistant can now read and reply to messages in WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Voice and more

Google Assistant has always had some measure of integration with various messaging apps; for example, it’s long been able to read and reply to Telegram messages (which we use at Ausdroid) but that integration hasn’t been complete. However, that’s now changed. Google Assistant can now include many third party messaging …

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New leak shows off the next Fitbit Versa iteration with Alexa on-board

The fitness tracker that is a household name is the Fitbit. They purchased Pebble a few years back and moved into smartwatches with a fitness tracking focus. Their most recent iterations of the smartwatches are the very-Pebble-looking Versa smartwatches and the next one looks to be another step forwards according …

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