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Review: Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android – A perfect gift for PlayStation owners

About a month ago, we introduced the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android, a portable gaming controller, and mentioned that Ausdroid would be providing our readers with a review of this controller. As we approach the release date this...

Review – Creative’s Outlier Free Pro+

Bone-conduction headphones have become increasingly popular among consumers. They feature an open design and utilise sound conduction technology that differs completely from traditional headphones. Not only are they comfortable to wear and less likely to cause hearing damage, but...

BlueAnt X1i Review: A rock solid portable bluetooth speaker

BlueAnt is an Australian company that offers novel and distinctive sports audio products. Its headphones and earbuds are packed with a stylish design and are wireless and sweatproof, so you can listen to your favourite music while training or...

Swann CoreCam review: Something to start with for your home security

For security camera systems and other security solutions, Swann is among the leaders. The business provides a comprehensive selection of interior and outdoor security cameras, both wired and wireless, to fulfil different security requirements. Their devices are renowned for...

Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 Review: Simplicity is its DNA

Aqara is an innovative home technology company that produces a range of products designed to make homes safer, more convenient, and more energy-efficient. Aqara's product lineup includes intelligent home sensors, cameras, switches, and other devices that can be controlled...

Swann CoreCam Pro review: A solid and significant upgrade

We did a review of Swann’s CoreCam some time ago and I was very impressed with this product as an entry-level wireless security camera. It was the product that turned my scepticism into support for the installation of a...

Synology WRX560 review

Earlier in June this year, I reviewed a wireless router for Synology, the RT6600ax, and it was quite an excellent product as a Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router. In this review, we are going to check out Synology’s latest addition...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 — Smooth, sleek, stylish, and powerful

As a laptop user goes, I'm not exactly all that demanding. Fact is, aside from work, I don't really use a laptop much and my "demands" (such as they are) are pretty basic. I want something that works, that's...

Synology RT6600ax review — It comes well-prepared

In mid-May, I wrote a news article about Synology RT6600ax, including some featured functions such as the SRM 1.3, new hardware, network security and mobile companion app. Synology was kind enough to offer an opportunity to review this highly...

Tunes for your social isolation? Bose Portable Home Speaker has your COVID-19 exile covered

Speakers are ... well ... speakers. Generally these days speakers come in about three broad varieties - super-smart speakers, like Sonos, which connect to cloud services, pair up in the home and do all manner of whizbang, Bluetooth speakers...

HTC’s Focus 3 and VIVE Sync, possibly the best option for VR in Business

If there is one VR solution provider that has had a combination of strength and luck in recent years, the first one that comes to mind is HTC VIVE. As we all know, everyone has been affected by COVID-19...

Review: OnePlus 8 Pro, the best phone you can’t buy

We all got excited way back in 2017 when OnePlus came to our shores and brought with them the OnePlus 5 -- it all seems so long ago. So much water has passed under the bridge since then...

Ausdroid reviews: Motorola Edge 40 – its vivatastic colour meets design

Motorola has recently launched three new devices here in Australia, two of which were foldable devices. The other being a standard candy bar smartphone, the Motorola Edge 40, which the company stated at the time of the launch was...

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (and Galaxy S20+) — Australian COVID-19 Lockdown Review

I'm going to say this at the outset, loud and clear - reviewing a phone during the lockdown following a viral pandemic is an interesting exercise; it's hard to do really exciting photo samples when you can't really leave...

Michael Kors Bradshaw 2 Review — WearOS delivered well in a gorgeous package

We, like many other publications, have been quite vocal about the failings of WearOS. The fact is that the wearable market is still pretty solid with the Apple Watch well and truly leading the pack. While some in the...

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