For security camera systems and other security solutions, Swann is among the leaders. The business provides a comprehensive selection of interior and outdoor security cameras, both wired and wireless, to fulfil different security requirements. Their devices are renowned for being user-friendly and inexpensive, and they come with capabilities like HD video, night vision, and remote watching via a smartphone app. Users can watch their homes, companies, and other properties from anywhere at any time using Swann’s security camera systems for increased peace of mind. 

In October 2022, Swann introduced the CoreCam in a short write-up. In this review, I will share some feedback on this product that I have been using for two months. As a result, Swann significantly changed my opinions towards home security. 

Swann CoreCam is a security camera designed for people who enjoy the product without dealing with complicated installations and lengthy setups. Before we get into more details, let’s look at the product and see what’s included in the package very quickly.

What’s in the box

  • CoreCam Security Camera x1
  • Wall-mount base with three screws and anchor plugs 
  • 1.2m Micro USB cable x1
  • Surveillance stickers (in English)
  • Surveillance stickers (in Spanish)
  • A 32GB MicroSD card
  • Welcome brochure and user guide

A quick introduction

The CoreCam™ Security Camera is designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure that you never miss a beat. With its sleek, modern look and powerful 1080p Full HD video capabilities, you can keep an eye on any area from any angle with ease. The screw-in mount makes it secure and the weatherproof design means it can withstand even the harshest of conditions, from rain to snow to heat. With its infrared night vision, you’ll be able to see up to 8m in the dark, and the two-way audio allows you to have a virtual presence in your home, even when you’re miles away.

It’s only a 10-minute setup

The CoreCam is so lightweight that any self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape will do the job. Because this was the first time I install a security camera at home, I spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect spot for the “big eye” to sit on with. In fact, this was probably where 80% of the time was spent during the installation. The outcome was not too bad, though. It quite covers the two walking paths at the front, which is exactly what I needed a security camera for. Connecting the CoreCam with the home Wi-Fi was very straightforward. It works with the same logic as most other smart home electronics when getting connected to the network.

Make sure you have a separate Wi-Fi SSID on 2.4GHz if you have a dual-band or tri-band router at home. In most cases, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, since CoreCam does not support the 5GHz band, it may cause some unexpected issues during the setup or daily use.

In addition to using Android, I also re-launched the pairing process on an iPhone. I am glad to say that CoreCam is able to provide a consistent user experience for the configuration of wireless connections.

Battery life is great, but YMMV

Initially, I received a warning about low battery 30 days after the first use. I am sure it was fully charged before putting into use. That’s why I was so confused because the result is not even close to what the company officially claimed (that battery can last up to 3 months). A quick investigation suggests that the discrepancy was likely caused by the default setting of the sleep period. There are five periods the user can choose from – minimum, 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec and 300 sec. This determines how long before the camera will sleep after a motion is recorded for the purpose of power conservation.

For me, 30 seconds seems to be a sweet spot. It has been over a month since the change was made and there is still 44% of battery life left this time, which is a huge improvement from what I can see. If you are willing to make other adjustments such as lowering the sensitivity of motion detection, you should be able to see a further improvement in the battery performance. 

I am quite satisfied with this battery’s performance. There is absolutely no reason to complain if I can charge an electronic device every two months, it’s perfect. In fact, Swann has a small solar panel that can work with CoreCam if you want to take it even further. But this is really good enough for me, hence I will leave it to you to decide whether or not to set it up with a dedicated solar panel. 

This is definitely good stuff

Please allow me to open this paragraph with a famous quote from Henry Ford. 

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.”

I know that some may ask, “Geez, have you been living under a rock all these years!?” Okay, I know. I have been sceptical about the need for security cameras at home.  For a long time, I have been holding a conservative view on whether it is necessary to install security cameras at home. After a short period of use, the convenience and what CoreCam has to offer completely convinced me. 

My daughter catches a bus to school on weekdays. There is nothing better than seeing your loved ones come back home safe and sound. The motion and person detection also give me an idea about what time she arrives home and whether she sticks to the plan after school that we both agreed on. I spend most of the day in the office and, usually started to get tired around 3 to 4 O’clock in the arvo. I find it super helpful to keep a smile on my face when seeing Chloe get home. Sometimes, she would do a few spins while waiting on the doorbell, and that tells me she probably had a great day at school. I would completely miss those interesting moments if I don’t have CoreCam installed at the front door.

The CoreCam supports two-way communication via the microphone, which worked quite well. Speaking of the microphone, I highly recommend turning down the volume, which can be done through the Swann security app. The speaker on the camera is very loud, and, it may be disturbing for the neighbours particularly during the night-time when it’s quieter. 

CoreCam offers a reliable ‘noob-proof’ user experience

Unlike other technologies, CoreCam is able to provide an excellent user experience under a simple enough framework for consumers. Apart from the initial setup, this security camera does not require any effort from you, it just works. Whenever it detects a motion, my mobile receives a notification. If you click on it, the Swann security app will launch and take me to the camera view straightaway. Depending on the network performance, it usually takes 4-6s to load up the live video on my screen. This gives me sufficient time to react should someone knocks on the door and expects a response. Based on my experience, this has not failed a single time during the period of review.

In fact, I was hoping to record some clips for a small possum family that lives under the same roof as us, as well as an adorable couple of blue tongue skinks living in our front yard. Unfortunately, they all seemed to be shy and did not want to get popular on camera. Better luck next time? 

There is another feature I would like to bring out to the spotlight, ‘motion detection mask’. Basically, this is a handy feature that specifies the certain area that triggers the alert. It’s extremely useful to prevent false alarms when there are people out at the front. For example, after adding some masks to the lawn, it stops sending false notifications to my phone or smartwatch when I was mowing. I just love this feature.

The verdict

I am going to get some CoreCams for myself and deploy them to cover all areas around the house. I think this decision just said a million words about my thoughts. As for price, the lowest that I can find is from Bunnings as of writing. They have this product on sale for $169 which is roughly $11 cheaper than on the official website. There are other options on the market that offer similar functions at lower costs; however, when making a decision for security, especially for your home, I don’t really believe cutting funds as a first thing is a good idea. This wireless security camera is very easy to install; very simple to use; very stable to function; and lastly, it is reasonably priced. If this sounds like something you have been looking for, give it a try.

Design & Quality
Battery Life
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swann-corecam-review-something-to-start-with-for-your-home-securityFor security camera systems and other security solutions, Swann is among the leaders. The business provides a comprehensive selection of interior and outdoor security cameras, both wired and wireless, to fulfil different security requirements. Their devices are renowned for being user-friendly and inexpensive, and...
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Other cameras I have been considering such as the 4G LTE Starlight Camera have activity zones, i.e., you can set a area that is monitored. As our camera would face the footpath I do not want movement on the footpath triggering it. Does the CoreCam provide similar functionality? A search of Swann’s website has not been fruitful.


What are the recording options? Does it just record to the SD card. Are there any cloud (e.g. Dropbox) options?