+ Saturday April 20th, 2019

News and Editorial

Future Android system updates might be delivered via the Google Play Store

Android OS updates have been a pain point for Android smartphones and tablets for as long as they’ve existed. Because third party manufacturers are involved, Android has update problems that Apple and its iOS devices simply don’t have to worry about. Google has done a lot to address this and …

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Nova Launcher 6.1 brings notification dots, dark mode for Google Discover and more

Popular Android launcher replacement Nova Launcher has been updated to version 6.1, bringing with it a much-sought-after dark mode for Google Discover, numeric dots for notification badges, and an undo bar to restore changes made to your desktop. That’s about all that’s in the changelog, but let’s take a walk …

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Google Home devices no longer repeat what they’re doing, at least in Assistant Routines

One of the most annoying quirks of Google Home devices is their incessant need to repeat what the instructions they’ve just been given. Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t do this – thank goodness – but Google’s Assistant still does, and it drives us nuts. Fortunately, it seems change is in the air. …

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Disney announces Android TV and Chromecast support for their yet-to-be-launched Disney Plus streaming TV service, should be live by the time it reaches Australia

Disney is bringing its streaming media service Disney Plus to Android TV and Chromecast! For those of us who are daily users of Android TV any move towards more apps and service is a glimmer of hope that Google won’t whisk away the service ala Google TV back in the …

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