+ Friday October 18th, 2019


Motorola G7 Power — Australian Review

Motorola have produced some awesome phones in the last couple of years. They’re delivering really good quality smartphones, with solid specs at a price point that is affordable to just about everyone. The G7 Power is the latest to arrive in Australia from Motorola, so let’s take a look at …

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Motorola G7 — Australian Review

Motorola has been something of a quiet achiever in the mobile space over the last three years or so offering some excellent devices, importantly at a really sharp price. Roll on a few years and we’ve got the latest iteration of the G series phones on the test benches: The …

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CAT S61 — Australian Review

When you think of well built and robust phone hardware, CAT probably aren’t a company at the forefront of your mind. You’re probably thinking Samsung, LG, Motorola to name a few but CAT? They’re well known for their heavy machinery, power systems and associated parts so that’s why their phones …

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