+ Sunday July 21st, 2019


Oppo R17 Pro — Australian Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Oppo: masters of building great hardware, delivering device after device with stunning build quality packed full of specs. ColorOS: Oppo’s Android-based operating system, disappointing with weird limitations and baffling UI choices, though improving with each iteration. While the story remains the same …

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Google Home Hub — Review

Home Hub has been a part of my home network and smart home setup for a few months now. It’s the 4th version of Google Home, Google’s hardware play to get their voice Assistant into your lounge room, kitchen, study, bedroom … actually, any room in your house. The new …

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Optus 4G wireless broadband on steroids – how you can triple your wireless broadband performance

My adventures with Optus 4G continue. Six weeks since signing up for the service, it’s well known that I’m a convert. I had been thoroughly disappointed with our options for internet connectivity in our relatively new apartment. Finally there’s something good happening. In my last story, my only real gripe …

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