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Monday, July 13, 2020

Spot X 2-way satellite messenger – stay safe and in touch, anywhere on earth

We spend an awful lot of time talking about mobile services, and with that term, we typically refer to terrestrial mobile services - things like smartphones, tablets and other connected devices which use land-based mobile services. What if you're going...

Huawei P40 Pro — A big, badass battery with outstanding charging options

The last few top range devices that Huawei has delivered have each had good battery life, Chris described the P30 pro battery as incredible. The P40 Pro continues that pathway with a big capacity battery that lasts a long...

Tunes for your social isolation? Bose Portable Home Speaker has your COVID-19 exile covered

Speakers are ... well ... speakers. Generally these days speakers come in about three broad varieties - super-smart speakers, like Sonos, which connect to cloud services, pair up in the home and do all manner of whizbang, Bluetooth speakers...

Michael Kors Bradshaw 2 Review — WearOS delivered well in a gorgeous package

We, like many other publications, have been quite vocal about the failings of WearOS. The fact is that the wearable market is still pretty solid with the Apple Watch well and truly leading the pack. While some in the...

D-Link DWR-956 Review — A great LTE backup router or primary option

We’re in the process of living through a future history lesson due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s impacting all areas of everyone’s life and has caused a huge migration of the workforce to their homes. This migration...

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (and Galaxy S20+) — Australian COVID-19 Lockdown Review

I'm going to say this at the outset, loud and clear - reviewing a phone during the lockdown following a viral pandemic is an interesting exercise; it's hard to do really exciting photo samples when you can't really leave...

BrailleNote Touch 32 Plus Review — $7495.00 Android tablet that’s worth every cent

Let’s hit the obvious as a starting point, the price is not a typo - this is a $7495.00 Android tablet but it is something pretty special. While it is for a relatively small target audience, what it offers...

Huawei P40 Pro — Our first look at Android life without Google

Depending on who you talk to, the Huawei P40 Pro is either one of the more anticipated phones of the year, has the biggest questions being asked about it or both. Today we’ll address the elephant in the room and...

Review: realme C3, just how good can a $269 phone be?

Realme are an offshoot of OPPO -- once an OPPO sub-brand -- and their success the world over has shown that their recipe of providing decent specs in a phone with extremely attractive pricing works. Their specs are...

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: surely that huge camera bump is worth it?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has some amazing camera specs -- so much so that you would expect it to be far and away better than every other smartphone camera out there. After a few weeks with the Galaxy...

Socially Isolated Review: UE Hyperboom Party Speaker

In early March 2020 UE's new huge Hyperboom portable bluetooth party speaker capable of 3x the loudness and more than 6x the bass of UE Megaboom 3 started being sold in Australia. Unfortunately for UE their timing couldn't have been...

Improve work from home meeting call quality with Plantronics’ Poly Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headset

Hearing "{person name} has joined the conference" has become a familiar sound for everyone in many homes around Australia during the last week as people working from home have switched to using Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom etc for team/customer...

Samsung S20 Ultra: software can make or break a phone

Those of you who have been here for a while will remember my aversion to all things Samsung software. This is back from the Galaxy S6 days though and in the five years since that phone was released...

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Battery life and charging solutions

Samsung has a chequered past when it comes to the charging of their devices and we do not need to remind you of them. For this reason they can be excused for being more conservative than anyone else...

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: that fingerprint sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor was lambasted for its inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Early reports had the Galaxy S20 Qualcomm-made ultrasonic fingerprint sensors pegged with the same issues. In our use with not just the Ultra but...

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