+ Wednesday May 22nd, 2019


Sony SRS-XB501G Google Assistant Speaker — Australian Review

The Sony SRS-XB501G Google assistant speaker hides a lot of functionality under it’s exterior. For $399 you get a speaker that is Google Home Max’s portable lit up partying cousin. As part of Sony’s EXTRA BASS range the speaker’s default setting emphasises Bass but with some tweaking of the equalizer …

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Oppo R17 Pro — Australian Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Oppo: masters of building great hardware, delivering device after device with stunning build quality packed full of specs. ColorOS: Oppo’s Android-based operating system, disappointing with weird limitations and baffling UI choices, though improving with each iteration. While the story remains the same …

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Google Home Hub — Review

Home Hub has been a part of my home network and smart home setup for a few months now. It’s the 4th version of Google Home, Google’s hardware play to get their voice Assistant into your lounge room, kitchen, study, bedroom … actually, any room in your house. The new …

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