+ Thursday November 14th, 2019

Smart Home and Wearables

Google confirms it doesn’t store your voice recordings by default

Conspiracy theorists have regularly posed the question of what Google is doing with your voice data from Assistant. Theories range from “always listening” through “spying on you” to “targeting advertising” but Google is answering this question in the best way possible. Google confirmed in a recent blog post that your …

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Google may be getting serious about Android TV hardware and partners

This week the annual International Broadcasting Convention took place in Amsterdam, and Google was in attendance talking all things Android TV. What’s interesting about this conference is it’s not about TV’s, consumer tech or even hardware per see. The International Broadcasting Convention is targeted at the TV industry, content makers, …

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Telstra and Google officially launch Voice-activated calling from Google Home devices

A few weeks ago we spotted that voice calls via a Google Home / Nest device through the Telstra network had appeared in the Google Home settings. Today, Telstra has officially announced that they are the first carrier on the planet to provide voice calling via a Google Smart Speaker. …

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