HTC One Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman is really doubling down on Android handsets, with the Nexus 4 and now the HTC One. The Harvey Norman twitter account has just tweeted a link to the pre-order page for the HTC One which they are selling for $746 with free pickup in store, there is a delivery option which for me is $5.95 but will depend on your location. The only colour option at this stage is for Silver at this stage, with no sign of the Black model. The page advises the phone will be available from the 3rd of April

The advantage of course to ordering from Harvey Norman is the bricks and mortar retailer offers you somewhere to walk in to with your device if you have issues, as opposed to purchasing online. If you’re interested, head on over to the Harvey Norman Website and check it out.

Source: Harvey Norman.
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Harvery Norman have it now on Sale at $698 For Early Birds


$746?… I was told $850 in store yesterday.


Only has a 4 megapixels camera, review and sample shot is nothing but disappointment.


If only HTC’s kernel source releases weren’t frequently late and broken 🙁

Sean Royce

This phone is definitely going to be a killer for HTC this year, I hope they promote it as much as they can, HTC is underrated for what they produce.


I hope Telstra gets it earlier!!

Andrew Palozzo

IMO that’s a reasonable price for a flagship device especially for a local retail option..