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Harvey Norman Galaxy Note 3
After the Australian launch of the Galaxy Note 3, we now have pricing and availability from carriers for the device and Harvey Norman has just announced that they will be taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as of today, with stock expected on the 3rd of October.

The phone will be available in Black or White on their website to pre-order or you can walk into one of their stores. At a price of $888 incl. GST as a pre-order special, they are currently leading the field as the cheapest supplier of the the Galaxy Note 3 LTE in Australia.

This is a pretty good deal, there’s free in-store pickup or delivery options from just $5.95. If you’re after financing options there’s even 1000 Days interest free for you to take advantage of. Head over to the Harvey Norman webpage and check it out.

Source: Harvey Norman BlackHarvey Norman White.
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It’s 1000 days interest free with repayments. I just locked one in on 500 days interest free with no repayments from Harvey’s. Only $5.45 a month for account keeping fees. Plus, I’m on Aldi’s $35 a month unlimited plan = PRICELESS!

no calc

Those account keeping fees equate to something like 15% interest


It works out to be around $100 if you stretch it out right to the end. I usually pay it off way before that.


Only problem with harvey norman is they will get it after everyone else. Just like the S4 pre order debacle.

Barry Findlay

wow. thats $111 cheaper than telstra @$999


999 is from Samsung store. Telstra is 919 or something

Barry Findlay

Not at my telstra shop. And Telstra 247 fb page posted it.