If you receive an invite to purchase a OnePlus 2, you can now sit on it a little longer with the deadline for use extended to three days instead of the original 24 hours.

The company announced the change in a short Facebook post, and we also noticed a comment from the company in response to a query on the same thread saying that they are indeed planning a future expansion to Australia.

To bring the OnePlus 2 to Australia, they’ll need to broaden the supported LTE bands as the current incarnation of the phone won’t work on Australia’s newer 4GX/4G+ networks from Telstra and Optus – quite the omission, although it’ll be fine on Vodafone’s 4G+ network, and our carriers’ older networks (2100 and 1800 Mhz).

If you’re after an invite for one of the existing models, you might also be lucky enough to snare yourself one in the comments section of the post with a surprising number of invites being given away. You could also buy one outright from Kogan, offering 16GB or 64GB versions.

Have you purchased a OnePlus 2, either outright from a retailer or via a freight forwarder direct from OnePlus? Tell us what you think of the phone in the comments.

Source: Oneplus Facebook.
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TheBagging Man

Meh, I’d avoid this company. They making so little profit on these devices that when you have a legitimate warranty claim they going to shaft you and make you pay for shipping etc. You get what you pay for.


Have the OnePlus 2 chinese version here in Melbourne. No issues getting LTE 4G everywhere I go, including all the way through the City Loop tunnels.


That’s on Optus network BTW