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This week at 10pm AEST, HTC will announce their latest flagship phone, the HTC 10. Running on the phone we expect to see an Android 6.0 based version of Android skinned with HTC’s overlay called Sense. HTC leaker Llabtoofer has released some details on what we can expect to see in HTC Sense 8.

The update will include a new way to launch apps, called ‘Freestyle Layouts. The new format basically allows you to assign an app to a sticker which you can place anywhere on your home screen. It’s different to simply having an shortcut on your homescreen, with the stickers designed to blend in with the HTC backgrounds.

There does seem to be a few stickers, though not overly many from this brief look, and it looks to be quite easy to associate an app with a a sticker.

The screenshots were taken from another phone than a HTC 10, so it’s likely this version of Sense is at least being tested for other devices – devices without capacitive buttons like the HTC 10 will have.

As a bonus, if you liked the previous leak of HTC wallpapers, @Llabtoofer has also added four more to the MEGA folder for you to download:

Last year with the launch of the HTC One M9, and that version of Sense, HTC introduced a theming engine, which allowed users to add their own themes to an online store. Whether HTC will allow similar customisation by enthusiasts remains to be seen, but we’ll surely see more on Tuesday night.

Source: @llabtoofer@llabtoofer 2XDA-Developers.
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Alex Gerontzos

I hope HTC pulls this off. People critized the m8 I loved that phone even the camera was great, just gotta know how to use it.


“This week at 10pm AEST, HTC will announce…”
When is 10pm this week?


It says right there at the bottom of the article… Tuesday night.


Sure, but that doesn’t make “This week at 10pm AEST…” right though 🙂