Android 7 Nougat
After Sony pushing in AOSP for Google to add an official restart option to Android and was ultimately denied last year, it looks like Google has had a change of heart with testers seeing a restart option in Android 7.1.

In a screenshot sent to Android Police by a reliable source, it looks like Google has added a reboot button in Android 7.1, at least for the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL. The addition of the restart option could be a simple ease of use option for testers who may get buggy software requiring more regular reboots or it could finally be an answer to all our prayers.

The option looks like this:

There’s a differentiation between a restart and simply holding in your power button till your phone turns off and restarts. One is graceful, the other is like simply flicking the power point on a computer. Graceful restarts are a much preferred option.

The restart option could possibly come to Android – it’s a simple matter to add it to the power options in AOSP – or it could remain one of the rumoured ‘premium’ features destined just for the Pixel phones. I for one would figuratively weep for joy if it came to Android as a whole. It’s been missing for nearly 8 years now Google, it’s time to add it in.

Source: Android Police.
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Not sure why Sony was pushing for it. They could add it in themselves. Standard feature with LG regardless of OS, and I suspect many other brands,


I would imagine this is just for the testing of 7.1 to make the more-often potential need for reboots easier than power down and power on. Would expect it to be removed for the final version that, in theory, does not need to be rebooted too often.


Just installed Nougat this morning on my 6P. No restart option. Split screen could be fun, though.

Daniel Tyson

That’s 7.0. The first MR1 release will be 7.1 and should launch with the new Pixel phones.

Dennis Bareis

Only stupidity would have removed this, particularly on Android Wear devices without buttons.