The Pixel phones have been shown off from every angle by now, we’ve also checked out what Google will be including in the box but the one question we have remaining is what the retail packaging will look like – and now we can show you.

The box has a new look compared to the last few years of Nexus, and indeed the Pixel devices before them. While Nexus and Pixel have been previously quite ‘white’ and stark, the new Pixel boxes are a little more interesting with the Google branding as well as a picture of the phone. The box comes in a slip cover and opens out to show the goodness within.

The sides and rear of the box don’t have a huge amount of branding or information on them but there is a little including the Daydream VR, Google Cast and Google Assistant logos.

On the inside we see almost all the bits and pieces Google lists on the Google Store.

And finally, here’s a close up of the new 18W Google Pixel charger:


That’s it, it shouldn’t be too much longer until we can get our own box in hand and we can do a full unboxing video for you.