Samsung is set to blow off the stigma attached to their Note series phones with a Note 8 to be launched in late August says a new report.

According to new source Reuters, a ‘person familiar with the matter’ and did not want to be named, has advised them that Samsung is planning an event in the second half of August in New York City to announce the Note 8.

The Note 8 will, according to the source, come with a very large, greater than 6.2″ (6.3″?)curved screen and come with dual rear cameras, the first Samsung flagship phone to do so. Samsung is playing around with the concept of dual-cameras with the upcoming Galaxy C10 expected to be the first phone to carry the feature.

Internally, the Note 8 is expected to run either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 or Samsung’s Exynos 8895 depending on market. Rumours also point to the Note 8 coming with 6GB of RAM, the first wide-spread Galaxy series phone to do so.

No pricing or release dates for the phone have been announced, but the launch of the Note 8 will be watched by those in the industry with keen interest. Samsung last year had to pull the Note 7 from stores after repeated incidents of the phone bursting into flame. Even repeated recalls failed to fix the phone, but Samsung is committed to moving ahead with the Note series.

Samsung has traditionally brought their phones to market quite quickly after announcing them, however the Galaxy S8/S8+ this year saw both a delayed launch and a gap between announcement and launch. The Galaxy S8/S8+ saw a more conservative battery and charging setup and we’ll likely see a similar strategy on the Note 8 when it’s announced.

Samsung has declined to comment on the rumour, and has not yet announced any events for August.

Are you willing to chance a Note 8 after last years issues?

Source: Reuters.
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It should start rolling out just in time for northern hemisphere winter…