It feels like it’s been forever since the Note 8 was announced, but Samsung’s big new phone is finally on sale. Given the $1,499 outright price, the Note 8 won’t be cheap no matter how you want to buy it, but the expensive price tag doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals around. And thanks to a certain other phone launch happening today, carriers have been quite aggressive with data inclusions on the high-end.

Telstra’s knocked $20 off it’s $149 plan, meaning you can get a ridiculous 60GB per month. Your monthly $129 also gets you a brand new Note 8, a one year-subscription to three Foxtel Now starter packs, a six-month subscription to Apple Music, 2GB of roaming data per month, and unlimited talk and text while roaming.

If you don’t need quite as much data, Virgin has a couple of banging deals. We’re quite fond of the $99 per month offer, which gets you your Note 8, 16GB of data, and unlimited talk and text. It’s easily one of the best data-for-dollar deals around when it comes to Samsung’s latest.

Vodafone’s new approach to smartphone plans means you’ve got the option to pay-off your Note 8 over three years, rather than two, and helps make the larger upfront cost a little more manageable. You’re also able to freely change your base plan month-to-month, while paying $41.63 on top for your Note 8 repayment.

We recommend bundling this with $50 Red Data Plan, which give you 16GB, unlimited talk and text, and $5 per day roaming. The total monthly cost works out to be $91.63 per month. If you decide you’re sick of Vodafone down the line, you can leave at any time by paying out just the cost of your phone.

In terms of value, Optus slots in somewhere between Telstra and Virgin. Our favourite is the $110 option which gets you 30GB of data, unlimited talk and text, an Optus Sport subscription, and unlimited talk and text while roaming, and 1GB of data to use each month while overseas (in what Optus calls “Zone 1” countries).

Amaysim isn’t normally a name you’d think of when it comes to buying phones on a plan, but it is ranging the Note 8. You can buy the phone outright, pay it off over 12-months at $129 per month, or $69 per month over 24-months. These latter two options don’t include your service, but do attract some interest.

As a bonus, buying your Note 8 through Amaysim will get you six standard recharges for free, which equates to as much as 84GB over six 28 day periods.

Amaysim’s standard recharges are as follows:

If none of these options sound right for you, check out the entire range of Note 8 plans below or compare Note 8 plans here.

 Telstra Galaxy Note 8 Plans

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Optus Galaxy Note 8 Leasing Plans

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Vodafone Galaxy Note 8 Plans

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If you are looking to buy it outright Samsung will discount the phone by $250.00 if you were an outright Note 7 owner and still include all the pre-release goodies as well.

Had mine for 2 days… Loving it after being stuck on an S7 for 11 months (damn you note 7 battery)