Nexus 5
The launch of the Nexus 5 this morning has seen a flurry of orders, with the 32GB Black Nexus 5 seemingly the most popular model, with Google Play reporting the lead time as ‘Dispatched from warehouse in 2 – 3 weeks’. So what alternatives will you have for getting your hands on the latest Nexus phone from Google?

Telstra has already advised that they are looking at the possibility of ranging the Nexus 5, advising:

Telstra always endeavours to bring the latest technology to our customers and is currently investigating including the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system in its range. Customers who would like to be kept informed can register their interest here: Telstra EOI Page

Unfortunately the news from other carriers is not so promising, with Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and Optus all advising that they will not be carrying the Nexus 5 at all.

LG has indicated that there along with an operator partner – note the use of a Singular when describing the Operator – for release of the Nexus 5 in Australia, there will be a retail launch here in Australia :

Further information on the retail launch date, operator partner, pricing and sales channels will follow on completion of local network testing.

The Nexus 4 saw an exclusive retail partnership with Harvey Norman, and we’ve approached Harvey Norman to see if there are any indications that they will be repeating the exclusive arrangement but we have not yet heard back.

We’re also attempting to check on availability of the Nexus 5 accessories, as a delivery charge on top of what are some fairly expensive accessories is not something you really want to have to pay.

With a possible carrier launch and retail availability coming, the choice is now down to paying a $19.95 delivery fee or waiting for a local release.

Will you be waiting to get your hands on the Nexus 5 through Telstra or a retailer or jumping into Google Play?

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Sean Zemunik

I ordered a nexus 5 and it was shipped the same day. Although I bought it st 2 am when it was released. As for Harvey Norman they gave me back my entire purchase price on a 6 month old gs4 having issues and I got a note 3 for free. My sisters boyfriend has been trying to get something done at JB HiFi for months about a BAD gs4 they sold him. Harvies want a bit more. But if you ever have a problem they are more than happy to help. JB can go jump!


The purpose of the Nexus 5 is to showcase the best of what android has to offer. Seriously, on the launch day Google Play is advising 2-3 weeks before dispatch from the warehouse and within a day or two they are out of stock. This showcases just how pathetic the customer service at Google is. Why release a product before you are ready to meet customer demand (surely the Nexus 4 mess would have taught them a lesson?). Also, why are all the accessories not available yet??? The wireless charger that is supposed to be for the Nexus 4 is… Read more »


Just ordered mine after reading, Optus advising that they will not be carrying the Nexus 5 at all. can’t wait!!

Mayet Ojeda

Does anyone know if I could use a nexus 5 with Amaysim?

Mayet Ojeda

I want it now!!!


Hopefully it arrives at JB-Hi Fi and other retailers. Sick of Harvey Norman


Mr Tyson on a posting binge! Well done sir. Good meaty stuff.

Dennis Bareis

Ordered a black one with 32GB, know someone else who bought the same in white.


What Australian LTE Carriers will it work on?

Daniel Tyson

All of them except the Optus 4G Plus network.






Wait, I clicked add o cart within 5 seconds of seeing it. At $449 its a steal for these specs so paying $19 for postage is nothing.

Now what will fedex do if I’m not home….


They take it to their local dispatch and you can pick it up from there..


Any chance you know where that is in Brisbane


41-43 Qantas Drive
Brisbane Airport
QLD 4007

Mayet Ojeda

hi! good info here, do you know their local dispatch for Melbourne?


100 Park W Dr Derrimut VIC 3030 ???


Really want to keep the phone without a cover, but if the two are eventually available here at the same price (obviously without postage) I might consider buying one. Depends how it feels for the size/weight/materials though.