Telstra 4GX
Telstra yesterday announced that Melbounites (Melbournians?) are now able to access what Telstra are calling ‘one of the world’s fastest mobile services’, advising that their 4GX network is now live in Central Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

The 4GX coverage, which enables speeds up to 100mbps on Category 6 LTE devices and up to 75mbps on Category 4 devices, is now active in parts of Melbourne’s CBD. Telstra also intends to expand the availability of the 4GX network to the rest of Melbourne, spanning three kilometres from the Melbourne GPO by January, but for now you can already access the 4GX network in St Kilda, Windsor, Albert Park, South Yarra, South Melbourne, Docklands, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Collingwood, Fitzroy, East Melbourne, Parkville, Elsternwick, Cremorne.

The key to accessing the 4GX network is a compatible device capable of accessing and aggregating data from the 700MHz and 1800MHz Telstra LTE networks. The two listed devices from Telstra which are compatible include the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II, although the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S LTE will also be compatible.

With the 4GX network reliant on using the still in testing 700MHz LTE network, you will find that it’s limited to only area’s which Telstra has received early licenses to test in. Areas which Telstra are currently testing the 700MHz LTE network, which now includes Darwin, Perth, Sydney Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and selected regional areas. You can find out more about 4GX on the Telstra website, or check out which areas are covered by the 4GX network on the Telstra coverage checker.

Do you live or work in an area covered by 4GX and have a compatible device? Show us your speed tests in the comments.

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75 – 100 mbs 🙁 my home ADSL2 connection only gets a maximum of 450kbs.

Oh NBN I hate you so much.

I wish I could get an unlimited LTE plan for home. I’d even accept Vivids shaping but they are CBD only in Brisbane 🙁 why can’t I have nice things


So just because a device supports 700mhz 4g doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 4gx compatible?

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately not, it needs to be able to support carrier aggregation.


That’s not correct – the iPhone 6 doesn’t support CA – any device that supports 700mhz (and presumably VoLTE) is a 4GX ‘compatible’ device.