As some of you may or may not know, Vodafone stocked the Xperia X10 for about 2 days, and then it was removed for purchase on their site. I sent them an email not long after it happened, and only just got the response:

Thank you for your email.

I’m not able to tell you when the X10 will become available as we haven’t been advised.


Direct Response Team

So there you have it, even Vodafone don’t know when they’ll get it back. They also didn’t have a reason as to why it was removed for purchase in the first place.. weird..

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I called Vodafone and they said it had been recalled by Sony Ericsson??? But Telstra, Optus, 3 and Virgin are still selling it?


I spoke to a rep yesterday and he was saying that the X10 will not come out to Vodafone agin due to it being to slow. Seems abit odd with it having a 1Ghz CPU but thats what he said. Also the X10 is on the optus yes social plan not advertised but you can get it.


Confirmed it is a software issue.

Optus are still moving them but VF have had them removed from their system.


Why don’t the release why they WON’T release it? I’m guessing it’s software problems with their sh!tty add ons.


I have done some pushing and have thus far got 2 responses
1. It is a software issue with the languages
2. yesterday when i rang again i was told they never recieved them and are waiting for them to be sent.
but still no approx release date.


its not number 2 as i know my local stores have stock