When Lucas from Techanist told you to ‘watch this space’ when it came to Android on Virgin Mobile, he meant it. He has said that both the Galaxy S and X10 Mini Pro are all go for launch July 1st.

But there’s one problem with that, Optus have a 1 month exclusive on the Galaxy S. So expect to that it come out on the $89 cap in a month or so.

As for the X10 Mini Pro, it will be launching July 1st (busy month!) on a $29 ‘Smart Cap’.

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Virgin have replaced their ‘Rollover Plus’ and ‘Rollover’ caps with the new ‘Smart Cap’ and ‘Easy Cap’. The idea of ‘Smart Cap’ is to centre around data. Techanist reports that around $59/mo is the sweet spot, as you get $380 of credit, unlimited texts to Aussie networks and a whopping 2.5GB of data.

Telco’s are really starting to bring on the value over the past week or so. Thank goodness for competition!

[Via: Techanist]

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what plans will be available with the Galaxy S? I have heard that a $39 plan will be offered with an extra cost of $12 for the handset per month.


Yahoo0o0o0o00o, Optus dope it to 49$ 😀

Kenny Jiong Liao

Finally some good phones coming to Virgin! Lucky my plan expires soon! Galaxy S here I come!


So much data! Hopefully we might get some HTC phones


Thanks for the clarification Buzz


I thought that you wrote previously that Optus was putting the Galaxy S out on the $59 Social Cap?

Do you mean Virgin?