Ignore my bad Photoshop skills, because we have more important matters to discuss!

EDIT: APCmag previously reported this, not sure how I missed it. O.o

Neerav Bhatt, professional blogger & freelance journalist, has told us that after speaking with senior representatives from Samsung this week, they have no plans – at the moment – to bring the ‘Galaxy S Pro’ to Australia via Carriers or retail sale.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able import one from eXpansys, Handtec or Clove in the UK or even buy locally from our friends at MobiCity, when the device becomes available.

Source: Neerav Bhatt.
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Inez Hazlitt

Just purchased a Mythic for myself and is going to be acquiring one particular for my wife soon! It has just the proper mix of features. just brief of a complete smartphone. I’m preserving an eye about the Captivate for a possible long term mobile phone.. .rates are way as well substantial when released. I’ve been in higher tech for 20+ many years and essentially hack everything I very own to make it much better laptops, GPS, automobile navigation techniques, etc. and yes cell phones too. Inside the handful of days I’ve owned the cellphone I’ve currently set up Opera… Read more »


Doesn’t it make sense to bring a phone into as large a market as possible? I mean, if there’s a market for the X10 Mini Pro and the Milestone, then surely there’s a market for the Galaxy S Pro?