We’re very pleased to confirm that Millennius & SmartQ have teamed up to create an Android Tablet that will be available in the very near future. The device it’s self has no confirmed specs, but rest assured we’ll fill you in as soon as we get them.

Millennius is a premium supplier of technology at low, low prices. So expect the pricing to be fairly competitive ๐Ÿ™‚

Source: Millennius AU.
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    Oh and whats this got to do with a tablet?


    WOW you have written this everywhere, is this a spam? @barsa01 โ€“ I got one of these camcorders, To be honest I love it and is very reliable and very good quality in my opinion. Maybe you got a defect one. They do have returns and warranty why dont you get a new one? Many brands big or small do get defects, you know that right? Anyway my auntie has one also, that is why I got one too. They are both great and we both love using them. Like I said before they have warranty and bad mouthing companies… Read more ยป


    @George: It looks like they had that phone coming out earlier with a resistive and made it more powerful with adding a capacitive touchscreen and now it has 2.1 android. You can see there new review here http://www.pcauthority.com.au/Review/220510,first-look-the-millennius-apanda-the-mysterious-new-entrant-in-the-android-phone-war.aspx

    That is great Buzz, Would like to see this tablet. Do you know when it may come out?


    Buzz, is this really news worthy?
    Also, where is there phone, they said in April 1 month, thats been and gone!