HTC announced today via their Facebook Page that the Desire HD launch event is happening tomorrow with more info to come. But what we do know from our inside source at Voda, is that it will launch on Vodafone’s $59/mo cap plan (see pic). We’re not sure when the devices will hit stores, but will no doubt find out tomorrow from the launch event.

The Vodafone $59 cap includes: $650 cap credit, 2GB of data, unlimited Voda-to-Voda (inc. Three) calls. Which appears to be more than enough to run the Desire HD to its full capacity. So with all these details in mind, who here is getting one?

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Off the press release from last month regarding the HD, found this comment today:

Vodafone Blog says: October 26, 2010 at 8:00 am
Hi Everyone,

I noticed a few you guys have found out (thanks Ty, Marc, Peter Tez)… Sorry for the MIA, HTC is planning on releasing details on the Desire HD tonight.




None for me; great looking and sounding phone but crappy service provider (not their service as such more there lack of CUSTOMER service…had to write customer in capital letters so they look it up in the dictionary). Pity another provider didn’t have it so now a proud owner of Galaxy S by 3 for the family. If you are from HTC this is the risk you run with having “special” deals with poor partners.


My sister went to the vodaphone store at burwood westfield, and bankstown centro (both nsw) and both stores told her it won’t be launched till end of november after the win7 htc mobile.

I might go ahead and pre-order it from or


If you get it from Clove you may have to wait a bit. I pre-ordered the phone on 6th October and missed the first release on the 24th. Supposedly more stock will arrive late October and Early November.

I am unsure if i’ll get my order fulfilled with this stock.

I guess though a phone like this will have pre-order larger than a phone book :p

Justme dreaming

If only it would work on Telstra nextg I would buy one today


Are you serious? It is a 3G phone. All you would need to do is purchase outright so no block or sign up for Voda plan


Re-read it.

He said Telstra Next G.

That handset won’t work with Next G.

It doesn’t run at the required frequency.


it works just not in regional areas


Does the Desire HD have an anti-root chip?


Maybe the x10 and the SGS will be cheaper aswell!


I wonder if the legend will come down to $0 on the $29 cap now?


That would be good! Unibody android for cheap!


Got my Desire HD in the UK a week today from T-mobile with unlimited data 600mins and 500 texts for £25p/m. Check out my website for a post I’m going to make with all the early adopted niggles and issues


I would but what is your site?


hope they announce the Z aswell, which i much prefer


Does anyone know if it come with the HTC based Froyo or has extra bloatware added?

My desire to get one very heavily depending on these unwanted features.


I want the Desire Z!


already pre-ordered mine from mobicity, just gotta wait for either the first or second shipment… but I’m burning to get it


I can’t wait!!!! Android here i come again


Aww gee, I don’t know. I mean I wanna get one but I also want to get the Desire Z but the HD is ever so tempting….


desire z will be cheaper….


will be getting one the minute they let me at it


see you camped outside the vodafone stores then haha


Dam! Have 20 months to go on Telstra Desire plan… Guess I’ll have wait. Maybe the big T might release froyo by then…(wishful thinking?)




sexy phone


I will definitely be getting one on a business cap!
Hopefully I can pre order this to upgrade 🙂


it is still coming to 3 as well right?!?!


oohhh don’t like the sound of that. Thats exactly what was said about the Legend and it never appeared


does it matter? The caps are exactly the same!


for me it matters. My partner and I are on the one bill with 3. His phone was replaced 6 months ago. My contract was up about 3 days ago. So we really don’t want to split the bill.


At this point, no announcement.

But at their roadshow, it was declared an exclusive “VHA Handset”.

But in saying that also, as a company, they’re trying to reduce the amount of 3 sign ups and shift everyone over to Vodafone, so perhaps if they do actually make a 3 Desire HD, it may only be a limited run.

If I hear anything, you’ll be the first to know.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! New toy time 😀 le awesome!


The reason Desire still uses 2.1 in Au…?


So true, I have a touch diamond!!!! 2.2 with no camera 🙁


But in the case of SE/Motorola phones, its useless manufacturers to blame…rather than in the case of HTC Desire, it’s a useless carrier to blame.


It’s currently in final approval stages with Samsung.

Telstra has sent through a few versions already, but Samsung has said no to them.

But this one is nearly approved, so hold tight =]


Commenting on the wrong news article?


I wish it was 49 a month, might be able to squeeze me dad for it!
I hope….


oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!


LOL!! I’m excited also although can’t afford it..**sigh**..I will get this one if it is within $39 (dare to dream) no matter whatever the cap is..LOL (scratches own head thinikin about the absurd dream)