Just when we thought it would never appear, the LG Optimus One has popped up in Telechoice’s Catalogue sporting a $29 cap and those free GPS additions we previously reported on. The Optimus One is the next generation LG Optimus, which LG have crafted into a slightly more appealing device that has a capacitive display, which means MultiTouch is go. You’ll also be pleased to know that the Optimus One will only set you back $349 outright, if you’re the kind that likes to make their way around the carriers on your own.

Source: Telechoice.
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Gah! Why must more and more phones be released within my budget, with different pros and cons to each one? Now I have to choose! Ideos, optimus one,.. maybe spend some extra on a defy, choices.. hmmm


Word on the street is that there’s a bit of hissing during calls with this thing.. that’s what the american reviews of the optimus t (same phone, afaik) are saying


Very important question:

Does this phone support flash? I have heard that it doesn’t, but I can’t confirm this. Anyone have any input on this?

Joseph D Gould

It does not support flash. An Arm7 or better processor is required, and this does not have that (apparently is the Qualcomm MSM7227, which is ARM6 http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=cpu&id=a7227&c=qualcomm_msm7227)

Also, I do not see Flash player in the Market, so that seems to confirm it.

Unless they optimise it and lower the required specs for it, flash is out for it.

Joseph D Gould

I have mine now! A struggle to actually get one as most Telechoice stores either don’t have them or think they are only available on Optus. Happened to stop by one where someone from head office was there and he showed the guy where to look on the system to see that it was indeed available on Virgin.

It is Optus branded (in terms of software, no branding on phone)… so has a bunch of Optus apps you can’t uninstall.

But I have one… weeeee! (Melbourne, Bourke St Telechoice store, in a mall near JB HiFi)


if this phone carries a 1500maH battery what were they thinking with the desire HD?


I see my next phone now!!!! SOOOOO Cheap!


i just wanna to know.. available on virgin prepaid


I just called Telechoice at Westfields Parramatta and they said they had a few in stock. I asked if the outright ones had any Optus branding on them and they said it would since they came from Optus. Would the branding be easy to remove as I am with Vodafone.


It wouldn’t be h/w branding, just s/w and it’s a few apps like optus zoo, my account usage widget etc that you can remove from the home screens, they’d just be in the app drawer/list. OPTUS don’t have that many from what i’ve seen anyway, not a big deal.

Joseph D Gould

But as mentioned in another post, beware of the telechoice cap as it includes NO DATA… which for a smartphone really hobbles you. However Telechoice are a reseller of Virgin/Optus products too, so you should be able to get one on a plan of your choice from those.

I will be calling around today to see if anyone has them in stock (they did not yesterday but some said maybe today). Allphones now also has it listed on the Optus and the Virgin $29 caps: http://www.allphones.com.au/showcase/lg/optimus_one.asp


Outright meaning it’s not network locked?


Hey Buzz,
Is this phone will be available from VHA..did you get any news or (leak)?


Yeap 8)