So we’re just as curious as you guys all are about what plans they’re going to place the Galaxy Tab on to. We’ve heard nothing from VHA, Telstra or anyone else, but we did get some information from our Optus source who has been 100% spot on in the past. Our source says that new plans are going to be laid out for the Galaxy Tab, and possibly to be used for all future Tablets. These plans will include the $59.95 Data Cap Plus offer which will include 10GB to 20GB of internetz depending on what time you use the data. I can see the pesky on-peak and off-peak times becoming frustrating here, but I’m willing to see how it goes. This data inclusion is absolutely massive, and if they sell a large amount of Tablets like Samsung expects the Carriers to, then Optus’s network is certainly going to be pushed to and possibly beyond its limits.

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You can add Telstra to the confirmed list, which is important because they’ll have a separate model to the Optus one with Next G instead.|13331|tab%20samsung||S||6553171780


Can the Tab be used as a wireless router for other devices to access the 3G? If so, this is an awesome deal in my opinion just for being able to use the tablet and potentially be a net access point to share with netbooks etc.


@Piers Yes you can use it for Tethering just like the Galaxy S.


How much $ for calls does it include though? I know the Galaxy tab can also make phone calls, and 10-20gb is a lot of data, so I’m wondering if you’re able to make calls on this cap, or is it purely a data cap and you’d have to go to a regular phone cap to make calls on it?


Believe he ment will optus disable the ability to make ph calls from the device.


Adante, yes the tab is a phone! You can make calls using the supplied wired headset or the speaker. You could also use it with a bluetooth earpiece.


Maybe I missed the announcement (haven’t been paying a lot of attention) but I take it that the tabs are selling without any voice capability (software side or in the sim) then?

Sure its probably a quirky device to use as a phone but hey shame we can’t have it all


Sold! Shut up and take my money!


LOL… Nice one Ben, greatest comment I’ve read in a long time.
Oh yeah and take my money too!!


Wow! $60 x 24 months = $1440. Device is $1k so only $440 for 2years of data (and lots of it). Nice.


wow! that’s even better than the current data plans for the iPhad! goes to show which is the better supported hardware and OS 😉

Australia and it’s carriers are finally understanding that iDevices are not the be-all-end-all!


thats a lot of data, im not sure id use that much on a tablet, i mean id only use wifi in the house and is 10gb+ really necessary traveling? still, cant complain.


Woo hoo! That’s what I’m talkin bout =D Where do I sign?