Remember when you got all excited that the Motorola Defy hit Telstra and that it had their Blue Tick for great country service? Yeah, neither can we, but that’s not the point. Telstra told CNET yesterday that the Blue Tick was removed from the Motorola Defy due to a manufacturing change to better suit other networks around the world.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to revise the coverage performance rating for the Defy. Recent testing has shown that, due to a manufacturing change, the Defy doesn’t meet our Blue Tick performance criteria. This applies to all Defy’s sold to date,”

This doesn’t quite make sense to us. When Telstra first tested the Defy, it obviously qualified as a Blue Tick device, though now they’re saying that all Defy’s sold from day 1 aren’t up to Blue Tick standards. In an attempt to right this wrong, Telstra is working with Motorola to manufacturer Blue Tick quality Defy’s and say the Defy is still a top performing device. They’ve also set up a mobile site to better inform Defy users, you can check it out here:

Source: CNET Australia.
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My Defy has many issues but not so much with coverage and more to do with working in general. I’ve had nothing but trouble since the day it was bought. Should have listened to the stranger at the telstra shop who told me not to buy it. Absolute rubbish!


One of my phones was sent back for “”””repair””” but they didn’t ask for other Defy. ¬†Seems like a scam to me.


I bet knowing telstra and the old nokia 6120 that was originally not blue tick, but was better than alot of other phones. Only when it became exclusive did it gat a blue TICK.

The Motorola DEFY is now not exclusive, so Goes the blue tick. It will be back when it is exclusive again, Proberly when it becomes prepaid.


Whatever tick it is, it has awesome coverage


This was probably cause by one of the far too many changes these manufacturers make to their phones after the initial announcement/testing.


Are Telstra going to replace Defy’s purchased specifically for rural location coverage (hence Blue Tick)?

I know of several tradies that purchased these phones due to the rugged exterior and it being pushed as THE Blue tick phone to buy.


It should qualify people for a complete refund as Ozzy law allows consumers to demand a refund in a product doesn’t perform as it was advertised to. Telstra have admitted just that so customers should have no problems getting them replaced or refunded.


I think that’s what they’re asking people to register for, so they know who want’s a refund or replacement.


Are they actually having coverage issues?