You may think that there’s little/no connection between Telstra here in Australia and Rogers over in Canada, but you’d be wrong. Telstra and Rogers both run a 3G on 850MHz network, here in Australia it is notably called NextG. But what’s really fascinating here is that Rogers have just announced they’ll be stocking the HTC EVO 3D meaning it will work on 850MHz 3G perfectly. If HTC are making a specific version of the EVO 3D to work on 850MHz, they’ll want to make it worth their while, so why not bring it to other carriers that use 850MHz as well — Hello, Telstra!

If all goes well it will line up perfectly with the information we received from a source last month, telling us that Telstra had the Evo 3D (codenamed Shooter) in their provisioning systems. Interesting times ahead. And yes, that picture is a mockup.

Source: Rogers - RedBoard.
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It’ll work with Vodafone too!


I spoke to a Telstra rep last night when I went to place my order for the HTC Sensation and he mentioned that the EVO 3D was in their system (under HTC EVO 3D not codename Shooter).
Because of this, he was of the impression that it was very likely that Telstra would be releasing it some time in the future.
Needless to say I didn’t go ahead with my order, going to wait a few weeks more…