Sammy Hub are reporting that Samsung are working on an update for the Galaxy S II which will bring an option (supposedly called ‘Big Home’) to make the icons 30% larger — as if 800×480 on a 4.3-inch display didn’t make icons large enough for you. You can see from the image above that this option limits space on the home screens. The other part of the update is the addition of a System Update widget. The widget is pretty much a quick access to the system update menu, however it will notify you of any available updates should they become available for download.

There’s no time frame of when this update will roll out, though it will depend on your carrier if you don’t own a generic device.

Source: Sammy Hub.
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Since I’m with telstra, I could expect to see the update in a year or so. Sweet!


The hell? The icons are too large as it is.

Guess it helps for vision impaired people.