One of the things lacking in Android, in the vanilla iterations of Android on Nexus Phones anyway, has been a decent camera UI and the ability to edit the photos you’ve taken with the camera. But now Android Police are reporting that at least one of these will be remedied with the announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow.

The icons displayed in the image have had a black background added as they are apparently a white on transparent icon. The editing options available are as above Crop, Rotate, Flip, Straighten, Sharpen, Redeye -presumably reduction, or enhance if that’s your thing!? There is also 19 photo effects to choose from, offering effects like AutoFix, Sepia, Greyscale, Fisheye and more.

So the Ice Cream Sandwich leaks continue, I’m enjoying it, but all will be revealed in tomorrow’s announcement. I’ll be watching the YouTube feed of the conference with any of the other Ausdroid staff who can and of course as soon as we get the news you’ll be hearing it here at Ausdroid.

Source: AndroidPolice.
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What’s the deal? Do Android Police have possession of a Nexus Prime or something? Were they the first to release the music apk, new market apk, backgrounds, sound files and all that?

If they do have it, or are in contact with someone who does have it, why not release a video? Announcement is tomorrow, not much time left for leaks……

Daniel Tyson

I think they`re getting leaks from a Verizon employee, not long to wait now anyway.


Zoom in on that… Enhance!

Daniel Tyson

More Red Dwarf next year Yaaay!!


What time is the announcement tomorrow in Sydney/Melbourne time?


Many thanks! 
I actually live in Perth but thought most of the readers here are from the Eastern states so I just want to get their time and then do the maths to get an idea for the Perth time.

Is Ausdroid going to have a live thread so the readers can have a discussion during the presentation?


Nevermind, just saw Phil Tann’s post.