Engadget have just released that Google’s own Game Cohen has stated categorically – The Nexus S will definitely be getting ICS further adding

“Currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S. Theoretically should work for any 2.3 device.”

No timeline yet, but I’m hopeful it will be before the Galaxy Nexus is release in Australia, that way I can get my Geek on before anyone else!

Source: Engadget.
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Michael Barrett

Mine Currently runs 2.3.6

Michael Barrett

$300 for a Ice Cream, haha, Sounds Stupid, in the non Geek world.  Had the Nexus S for a While, on contract on Vodafone. Only Issue it does not Support the 850Mhz in 3G, there big Upgrade. I missed that one. The Camera is Average, with Plenty of Red Eye. My Nokia had a 5MP Camera with Xenon Flash, pictures looked better in low light. But for the Low cost, good value. Only Issue, bad is an Audiophile, as it has only 13GB usable space to store stuff. So the Non SD Micro Slot is nearly a Deal Breaker. The… Read more »

Dylan Waghorne

alright, this just seals the deal on me getting this phone.. 300 bucks for an icecream sandwich phone

Michael Barrett

Hopefully all the RAM will be used


The positive news there isn’t just that the Nexus S will be getting it, but that the Nexus S isn’t a dual-core phone, so there’s no reason for phones of the same age not to get ICS. Obviously phones like the original Desire won’t get it (officially) but for newer phones released recently, updates will just be a waiting game.

Phil Tann

I think one of the reasons that Nexus S is scheduled first is that it has NFC ready to go now, so all of the functions they displayed at the launch will be there.


nexus one!!
although it will come through cm anyway…

David Anderton

HTC better get on this, i want ice cream sandwich in my incredible S… not the edible kind.

Milty C

I wonder if my nexus S will run quicker or slower with this upgrade.

My phone currently runs slow mainly because i run so many 3rd party apps like launcher pro, executive assistant, folder organizer etc etc . Im hoping that my phone will run quicker with all these features now  integrated into the OS. Fingers crossed.


It’s very likely that your phone will run faster. From what I heard ICS is leaner and meaner than previous versions of Android and hardware efficiency and optimization was a core consideration in its build. I can’t remember the source but I recall something like a 10% performance improvement was mentioned. Although this is speculation I can confirm that on my Nexus One its current ROM which is at 2.3.7 seems to have some ICS goodness in it and my phone is more responsive and uses less power than ever before.