Great news!

We have had confirmation this morning that Phil Nickinson, the man who steers the Android Central ship will be our very special guest on the November 2nd recording of the Ausdroid Podcast.

Phil is one of the best know personalities (and voices) in the global Android community and it is a true pleasure for us to have him accept our invitation to join us on the Podcast. As always, we encourage you guys to join us live in the chat room during the show on November 2nd around 9:30PM AEDT.

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    Craig Durkee

    This is an awesome effort guys, really well done.  Huge efforts lately by you guys have ensured a good website has become great.  The ICS coverage has been top notch and lots of hard work has gone in.

    Engadget mentions, good exposure have elevated you to a great source of content up there with the real main stream android sites.

    Good on ya

    Buzz Moody

    Thanks heaps dude, we’ve been working really hard to get where we are now, and further in the future.

    It’s as much our hard as it is people’s readership, which is what its all about.


    Buzz, you really need to get Eric Schmidt on your podcast not some minor bit player….


    Buzz Moody

    Look, Eric wanted to be on the Podcast, but we turned him down.

    Raulan Grajewski

    Nice score!

    Buzz Moody

    Does this mean we have to stop talking smack? 😉

    Lucas Burnett

    Is that a trick question? 😛

    Buzz Moody

    Damn right it is.


    Another notch in the belt of Australia’s no. 1 Android blog.


    Yay. 🙂

    Good news.

    Geoff Fieldew