Optus and HTC are today rolling out the Android 2.3.5 update for the HTC Incredible S which bumps Sense UI up to version 3.0 with a few new UI tweaks and performance increases to boot. As always we recommend charging your device up to full (or close to) and downloading the update over a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can start the update process by going to “Settings -> About phone -> Software Updates”. Goodluck, have fun and tell us how you go.

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Cuong Bui

in vietnam, i upgraded to android 2.3.5 and sense 3.0 2 days ago!


I just went on my increadible s and i went to software updates and it says that its up to date. I have android 2.3.3 and android sense 2.1. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my phone?


same thing happening to me, so annoying


i have problems with the calendar since the update , if i use the phone to create a new event (they come up as orange entrys ) then when i syncronize with my gmail , the new events I created on the phone dissapear
If I create the events in gmail (they come up as blue entrys) the gmail events remain if i carry out a sync


Tried updating, and now.. The phone doesn’t even come on.. The phone just vibrates 6-7 times when I try to turn it on. The battery is fully charged as I checked on my sons Incredible S. I never touched it or anything, just let it be, and then.. This happens.. Not happy at all.. Rang optus they couldn’t do anything about it.


This just happened to me too, said there was an update so I said to download it visa wifi only, it downloaded the update then restarted my phone. Now all it does is sit at a screen with green arrows in a circle formation with a green arrow pointing down in the middle pointing towards a phone. been like this for hours now, what should I do. Phone is also on optus

Greg Rice

Optus can send it for repairs – its a warranty job. It will have the entire “insides” replaced – mine went the way of yours and that’s the only solution.


Updated mine today, to those still not seeing the update, I got a notification a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t update at the time, when I manually checked for the update over the last week or so, it would say there are no updates, until this morning when I checked again.
New UI is good, seems to be a lot of cosmetic changes to things. Overall seems good so far.


Looks alright. Different style predictive text. Built in task manager that doesn’t seem very effective, estrong inc have done a better job for that. A lot has changed. Now the test of calls not coming through and text messages taking anywhere from 20 mins to three days.


Hooray! Finally Virgin Australia update! Looks very nice. The only slightly scary moment was that my ‘Gallery’ icon wasn’t working after the update, but I deleted it then put it back on the screen from the apps list. All good 🙂


my gallery failed as well , i did the same thing as you


Optus updating now. This will take a while. Using phone internet.


its a big file. sure you dont want to use wifi?


Lol. 248.44 meg I think. Doesn’t affect me. Unlimited data download. I’ve downloaded 12 gig once. Credit wasn’t affected in the slightest. I’ve got a good deal with Optus.


its up on virgin NOW!!!!!


I happened to travel to the country (India) where I purchased my phone and guess what I got the update notice.


In 7 days, maybe 14 days. If the the update has not come through, I’m rooting the phone. I will get S-Off and do a custom Rom for diverging newer than the update.


My one is also with optus prepaid, its been 5 days and it still refuses to update. i also get the “There are no Updates available for your phone”. Has anyone been able to get around this? I’ve called up htc technical help and optus technical help and none of them seem to have a solution for this problem. any help would be appreciated.


I’m seriously going to give in with this update. I’m still waiting a month on for it.


Do you also have it under optus prepaid?


Yeah I do. Still waiting for the update.


Same, the suspense is killing me. Did u happen to purchase ur one recently?


Nah. I bought it months ago. So I had it before this update. On 2.3.2.


No Updates for my Incredible S, yet.
“There are no Updates available for your phone”


I’m with optus prepaid. Got the notification on my HTC incredible S and spent AN HOUR downloading the update, only to get a message that the file was corrupted and no update occured. Rebooted and all – nothing. Then I tried searching for system updates in my settings and was told there are no updates available for my phone! What to do now???


I asked for an expected date of release from Virgin Mobile and got the following today:
“We truly appreciate your
effort in taking the time to send us your feedback regarding the HTC update.
Rest assured that it has been forwarded to our Management Team, who will use it
as an opportunity to offer you better service in future.

We apologise for any inconvenience.”





I do not get the update notification yet on my incredible s how to get it even I try to do setting, software update, check, still alert me the same word your phone is up to date no update available for your phone. But, my freind got the update to Android 2.3.5 already. Mine still remain Android 2.3.3. :-((( help please.!!!


Still waiting…. Very unhappy.

Happy Chappy

My Optus Incredible S notified me of an update 3 days ago, hooked into my Virgin Wireless internet and it upgraded in just under an hour, finished the upgrade and re booted and works just fine


im on tpg (running on optus network) and still no update


i’m with optus and still haven’t been able to update. does it have to do with what plan you’re on or anything like that??


i’m getting the same thing as you, i’m on pre-paid but still nothing. optus’ twitter account advised that it would be available to all, while HTC have also said that, but it’s just not available


yea i keep trying anyway. i might try putting in a sim card from telstra or something and seeing if that works 🙂


 I updated yesterday and since then it keeps on rebooting every 3 – 5 minutes. Problem seems to be when I have my micro sd card in it. Have taken the card out, reformatted it, tried another brand of card etc etc and sill nothing. I contacted HTC chat and they said to do a factory reset, but will lose everything as I cant do a backup to my SD card!! Not happy. Is there any way I can uninstall the update and revert back without losing everything? TIA Sharon.


Factory reset doesn’t delete a.urging from your card.

David Anderton

Still nothing on my Virgin Incredible S


Could someone upload the OTA please. Would help the users that want to hurry along their updates

@Virgin users: I have read that your phones don’t have the bloatware that the optus users have. Maybe you have a WWE(worldwide English) rom. If someone who knows how to use fastboot could give me the virgin carrier Cid number (fastboot getvar cidnum) I could verify and possibly link you to an official update.


Just spoke to Optus and HTC. They are still developing the software for both companies and no update release date has been issued yet. So for the Australian models of incredible s s710e. Don’t expect the update anytime soon on virgin and Optus.


Thank you optus for more bloatware that can’t be uninstalled, at least let us remove the a league thing, its not even an app, it just goes to the browser. The more usless bloatware used 250+ mb out of the 1gb.

Daniel Kenafake

mine has stuck on the installation screen and wont budge.. any ideas?

Greg Rice

I updated 2 x Optus IncS last week – one is fine, the other bricked! Has been sent off to “Repair Centre” so won’t see it for a couple of weeks. Back using an old Nokia E71 – better reception and battery life – but boring.


Virgin Mobile Response

Thanks for your email. I do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you.Unfortunately, we don’t have any advised yet for the HTC Incredible S application upgrade. You may check our website from time to time to see if there’s any update. However, you may also contact your manufacturer directly for this inquiry. You may call HTC on 1300 482 482.Here are the manufacturer contact details: http://virginmobile.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/264/kw/imei/r_id/100671If you have any further questions, just let us know – we’re here to help.Cheers,AzucenaVirgin Mobile Customer Service TeamPh: 1300 555 100 (7am-11pm AEST) Fax: 1300 555 733 


Still no update for my incredible S710E. Optus prepaid. Canberra….

I want the update.

John Stevenson

this is really annoying me!!!.. market keeps crashing, apps i dont have open keep crashing, and cannot uninstall any apps, through the android system or on a 3rd party app, is there anything that will fix it !?!?!?!?! HELP 


Safe to say Virgin are withholding the update? Know more people on Optus getting the update and nothing from virgin.

Isa W G

Hi all, I just updated HTC Incredible S S720 Optus Prepaid. It did take some time to download roughly 3 hours to 3.5 hours to complete.  Seems to be running smoother and zippier… and network has definitly got some signal gain. Thumbs up here .. Wynnum QLD

David Anderton

cool did you have any problems before updating like not receiving txts until ages after they were sent?


I had this problem, glad it wasn’t just me.
I just updated, not sure if it has made a difference. I have Optus post-paid.

David Anderton

still nothing on virgin, maybe they stopped updating after the bricking problems

Mine just updated and so far works fine. Checked all things they seem to be working. OMG! We have like speech bubbles….hehe. Proof of pudding will be in using it tomorrow on calls etc, but so far liking the new Sense 3.0 (although the weather sound freaked me a little)

Blas Lamberti

My phone doesn’t turn on after the update… is dead…


I’m unbranded still dont have it on optus


Has anyone that has a HTC Incredible S not had problems with the update?

Erik Li

I’ve updated successfully with my HTC Incredible S last night. All works well and love the new lock screen, etc. 

Erik Li

I have the Optus-branded HTC by the way. 


Awesome Thanks, I got half way through the download and stop cause all i saw was people complaining about the update. I will now update it

Brad H.

I updated my missus’ IncedS Optus branded, and I love the new UI and we haven’t experienced one force close, or network issues at all. Amazing phone for $300.


bricked my incredible s — stuck on white HTC screen

mohamed adel

i like this version htc and i will  buy one



Horrible update more useless Optus apps that cannot be removed, AMD some old apps don’t work anymore, I wish I had not installed it. Was hoping they fixed their hopeless voice dialling but no.

David Anderton

still no update for me on my Virgin incredible S, but as i have said before if i don’t get ICS in the first half of next year HTC have lost myself and a lot of other customers.


Same update came out for the DHD today.  Now when my phone is locked and I try to answer an incoming call, the phone crashes with a force close screen.  Wonderful!!!!!  Just what I need, a mobile phone that can’t answer phone calls.


Virgin incredible s still has no update 🙁 that makes me a sad panda


Still nothing here on the VM Incredible S. At least Optus didn’t mess around for too long with releasing the update. 


Well good luck, i updated my Galaxy S2 to android 2.3.6 and have been plagued with random reboots due to SD-card/wifi……remove SD card reboots stop……turn off wifi and reboots stop…..

hope this firmware doesn’t cause same issue

Erik Li

 Keeps saying my phone is up to date and no updates available 🙁


My Vodafone DHD is also currently updating