The countdown has reached its end and it’s time for Samsung to provide us with more material to whet our Galaxy S III appetite. The new site — — gives us a teaser video that suggests the phone will fit nicely in our hand and will have a widescreen display — nothing new here at all. Perhaps we’re going to see a device that has a little more curve to it than the Galaxy S II. You can check out the video below to make your own judgements and let us know what you think in the comments.

As for the site, it allows you to sign up for updates, however, we’ll be sure to keep you informed with every piece of Galaxy S III news we can get before the May 3rd announcement.

Source: The Next Galaxy.
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Nathan Reed

Unfortunately I think this is going to end up with a similar situation to the iPhone 4s. Huge hype & then disappointment when they unveil a simple processor upgrade. On the software side there’s no much hope for touchwiz. Hopefully I’m wrong!


Is anyone else noticing that the blobs at the end with their shaping have an indentation for the placement of the thumb. I would not be surprised if that is the shape of the new phone.
I honestly think everyone got so caught up in the sheep gag they missed the growing wider, fits perfectly in your hand and the relation of the pebble like shapes at the end. Anyone else got some actual design ideas from the clues in the video?


So the count down was for that. 0.0 awesome……………………….


Galaxy Nextus?


I like how they show you can differentiate yourself from the sheeps (read: iSheep)  haha


Yeah seems to be the trend now. Toshiba has an advert out for a windows tablet with some people that look mighty similar to sheep. lol.


iSheeps…. lol

Alex Baldwin

The music in the second video is from Mass Effect 2 😀

Mikhail Cass

What’s with the silver/white and blue? Colour scheme? Will it be a liquid phone that we can mold to our hand!?


That’s samsung colours.


It looks like there is a silhouette of a phone at the end of the video… 😉

Damon Lewis

I can’t even get the site to load haha


Try it without the www. in the front. That’s how I got it done.