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A lot of people were annoyed by Samsung’s choice to use PenTile Matrix in the Galaxy S III‘s display, however, Samsung have come to defend their choice saying that it increases the lifespan of the AMOLED display. Sammy says that AMOLED screens degrade quickly over time, so with PenTile they can reduce the effects of degradation; something RGB cannot do.

With PenTile, Samsung says it can have the display function perfectly and still look as vibrant in 3 years time — not that you’ll hold onto the Galaxy S III for 3 years, anyway. Then again, this could all be spin from Samsung to validate their use of PenTile over the preferred RGB display technology. I guess we’ll find out in 3 years time if this reasoning holds water.

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Alex 'Tank' Thien

As someone who has owned/used many AMOLED phones, I can comfortably say that while I can identify the difference with pentile/RGB displays, I don’t think it really affects the experience of the phone. I think the display on my SGS looks great and I don’t feel it to be any worse than my SGS2 display. At such high resolutions as displays are getting now, anyone bitching about it still is looking for a reason to complain. Longevity in a device is something that should be admired, not scorned. It’s bad enough society has a ‘throw-away’ mentality.


I would of thought the longer battery life would of been a better defence.

Bart Simpson

I dont think the difference is that huge or even noticeable, but the reason given by SAMSUNG is incredibly stupid and dumb … Phone manufacturers shud worry about how their phone will look at LaunchPurchase not 3 years after … If there was a huge difference between the technologies then this decision wud have been a monumental c.o.c.k-up …


it would be interesting to conduct blind testing of pentile and non-pentile screens and see to what degree people notice the difference.

I have to hold my Galaxy Nexus quite close <20 cm and squint to see the difference (and I have 20/20 vision)


So then using that argument from Samsung, I assume we’ll never see SAMOLED+ in a device again?

Sounds like damage control to me.


Argh – can I get a special version of this site without the moronic articles on PenTile.  Its not inherently *bad* or inherently *good* – it can be implemented poorly (eg Nexus One) or implemented well (eg Galaxy Nexus).  What matters is when you pick up the device in a store and *look at the screen*. You can’t determine a damn thing about the _quality_ of a display by talking about the brand-names that describe it “AMOLED, super AMOLED, super AMOLED+, PenTile, Retina” or its specs (eg resolution).  You need to pick up the display and see how it looks… Read more »


 Nobody’s forcing you to read them~~ just skip it if you don’t like the issue. Yes you can’t get anything when your talking about brand names but you can get what to expect when you know the technology behind those brands. Of course checking it out yourself is the best to see if you can live with it or not, but if you can’t like right now, what do you do? You would have to wait some time and some people don’t want to do that and the issue is why is Samsung not using a “better” tech regardless of… Read more »

Gambit smith

Im more conserned that it’s not Telstra 4g Compatable…. So I have to get a sg2 if i want speed, but a Sg3 if i want it to look good????


My sgs still looks fine. What degradation should one be looking for? Is this another reason to go with the galaxy note instead?


Your SGS uses pentile matrix as well mate.

Dean Reading

Wow, and I think my SGS screen looks amazing.
The more I learn, the more it seems like people are just looking for a reason to rage.I’d love to see the difference myself


That’s why I adore my One X I got yesterday. The screen is beautiful.

Mitchell Smith

Screen is beautiful. Which feels like an understatement. Has to be seen to be believed. I am still in absolute awe over how good looking the screen is. Not to mention how good looking the phone is overall. I’d say to everyone get this, not the SIII.

peter baker

does this mean the screen on my S2 is about to turn into a pumpkin?

Buzz Moody

It may die any second. But seriously, no, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the S2 screen.

Anon Canberra

As you said, who’s going to care in 3 years? Pretty poor defence from Samsung…

Buzz Moody

Exactly. If it’s true, good on them, but I don’t think it’s what a majority of tech geeks wanted.


can’t wait til you guys get your hands on it for another review. i would have gotten the One X but glad you guys mentioned battery life was horrid.

Mitchell Smith

Battery life isn’t that bad. Just get a battery manager app and you’re good. I got 10 hours out my One X yesterday which was medium to heavy use. I was always doing something on it, streaming music, facebook, interwebz, etc. Even got a whole movie in on full brightness. Battery is better than my old SGS imo. Not a fantastic battery by any means, but it is also not horrible. It’s just average. Which in contrast to how amazing everything else is, makes it stand out. 


Whole movie on full brightness you’re doing pretty good.  

Mitchell Smith

Most reports I’d read said they got through 1 movie and about an hour of net before dying. I got through 1 movie, and a full day of heavy use before dying.
After just over a week of this phone, I must say the battery is just above average, and lasts all day easily. Only gripes is it takes forever to charge, and the game Temple Run just obliterates the battery life.


 This could give some idea before Ausdroid gets their hands on the SIII


On the other hand, I could say I’m fairly certain that tech geeks are not their target market for their phones. If it would be, Samsung probably wouldn’t exist today. No company in the world wanting to maximise profit would have what’s probably far under 1% of the population being their target market. And, well, that’s what Samsung is. They want to get into the major, global, market, not a niche market. And I can say with fairly high certainty that most people want a phone that functions well, comes with some practical stuff, has a good camera and looks… Read more »

Anon Wollongong

Sadly, I think this is the sort of attitude that leads to use-and-throw tech today. Some folks don’t want to get rid of a phone in two years. A lot of people don’t get phones on 2-year rotating plans, and for them, its a significant investment, that would need to last a while. Most older phones last for up to ten years… its silly not to expect a high-end smart-phone to be relevant for at least 4.