The Xperia Play may be the only gaming-style Android device on the market at the moment, but it looks like Sony is about to leave it behind in the Android update cycle. According to Sony’s official update webpage, the Xperia Play is not listed as one of the devices. This might be because Sony is still testing the update and getting feedback from users who were trying out the beta ICS ROM.

Yes, there was a beta ICS ROM for the Xperia Play, so it’s not as if they can’t get ICS to work on the device. However, it seems that feedback from users testing the beta suggested that performance was slow and sloppy, likely due to the RAM ICS uses in its multitasking and cute little animations.

If that is the case, then it looks like it’s time for Sony Mobile to manufacture a brand new Xperia Play — I suggest Xperia Play 2.0, people will love that. Although we’re probably jumping ahead here, it would/will be interesting to see what chipset Sony uses in the new Xperia Play (if it ever exists). They could team up with NVIDIA and talk about how great Tegra 3 is, or they could jump on board with Qualcomm and their quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipset. Interesting times ahead, well, not for current Xperia Play users.

Source: Xperia Gamer.
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Sone Guy

Don’t really understand why Android 4 would run so bad on this thing. If it were powerful enough to play games as one of its main selling points it should be good enough to run a slightly modified OS (Does it just not have enough ram or something?)


I got a Play when it came out, and paying for a premium phone that really under performed compared to the S II, i wasn’t really happy…
I’m not surprised that they probably wont bring ICS to it, it was sluggish with GB


Interesting that the Play doesn’t look like it’ll get ICS – whereas their other devices with the same specs will.

This could be, as you’ve said, a good indicator towards an Xperia Play 2.
That’d be great.