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One of the things covered in yesterdays Google IO Keynote was the introduction of Google Now. Now I’m still not 100% sure on what exactly Google Now is, but I do know that so far I like it. Google has also launched a landing page for Google Now which contains a lot of information on it and also an introductory video to try and convey more on what exactly it is and also what it can do for you. There is also a good write up on Google Now in the Nexus 7 book available from Google Books in the Play Store.

After loading the Jelly Bean ROM on my Galaxy Nexus last night I have had only a little time to play with Google Now but so far it displays a nice card with my calendar, weather and at the moment traffic information in regards to my route from work to home. I’m still waiting for the card with the results of the latest Penrith Panthers game to pop up but that may not occur till after this weekend. All in all I like what Google has done with this and can’t wait to see what other cards appear.

Google Now Introduction video :

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    It looks awesome but I live in Darwin and so the transport cards are not going to be super useful given my current location as a) there’s little traffic in Darwin, b) there’s no traffic information for Darwin whatsoever and c) public transport is shithouse! It will still be useful though as it will force me to leave on time to get to my destinations 🙂 I tend to arrive 1 – 5 minutes late wherever I go.. :/


    So Google now is Androids answer to Siri. Awesome, I was wondering how long that would take to arrive. But if its only for Jelly Bean, I wonder how long that will take to appear on ,y phone. Probably never, but hope to upgrade at the end of the year anyway.


    I love that it will look at your calender and where your meeting/appointment is and let you know when to leave and if to leave early due to traffic

    James Jones

    Is this a jelly bean only thing? I can’t find it on the store?

    Daniel Tyson

    Unfortunately, yes it is a Jelly Bean thing


    Wow. I did not know that you guys are from Penrith.

    2750 represent!

    Daniel Tyson

    Not from Penrith but they`re my team,for Better or Worse 🙂

    Lucas Burnett

    How did you get it to give you the traffic from your route to work? Mine is giving me public transport I never use 🙁

    Matt Booth

    Haha I’m the opposite, I’m getting driving directions and traffic reports but I get the train to work!

    Daniel Tyson

    Google is obviously familiar with the state of public transport in NSW lol

    Matt Booth

    Haha it’s smart enough to suggest I drive rather than get the train!
    I found a setting to swap from driving to public transport, now we’ll see whether it can pick up Cityrail info. I think a standard “your train is at least 5 minutes late” notification would be sufficient.

    Daniel Tyson

    I honestly don’t know, it just decided to populate itself in there. Still trying to work out exactly how it works that out.