Haven’t pre-ordered your Google Nexus 7 tablet from the Google Play Store yet because you want to see it first and see how a 7″ tablet feels in the hand? Well looks like Asus and Google are about to make your wish come true, they’ve advised Gizmodo that they will soon be stocking the tablet in store at a number of large retailers.

The Nexus 7 tablet will be sold at Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, Retravision, Radio Rentals, Officeworks, EB Games, Costco, BSR and other authorised ASUS resellers with a price tag of $319 for the 16GB version, which is basically what you pay when you order from the Google Play Store including the cost of delivery.

This is a pretty big leap for Google and also Asus with this many retailers coming on board this early in the piece so the tablet obviously has them excited for a good quality tablet at the lower end of the price spectrum. There is definitely a market for the lower end tablet as we saw with the Aldi tablet a couple of weeks ago which sold out in minutes at most stores across Australia and it was quite modestly specc’d. The Nexus 7 offers some pretty premium hardware, runs Jelly Bean and offers updates directly from Google along with a pretty nice design, all in all I can’t wait to receive mine, how about everyone else, will being able to pick one up from a store change your mind about purchasing one?

Source: Gizmodo.
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Jason Berek-Lewis

Given that I paid for 3 day shipping with my preorder – I’d really love to know where my Nexus 7 is!


I really don’t understand this math, how does something that costs $249 US turn into $299 Australian? YOUR DOLLAR IS WORTH MORE!!!!

In Canada our dollar is worth slightly less, and we’re only being charged $259 for the 16GB version plus taxes and shipping.


The US$249 doesnt include taxes.

Add 10% GST on the $250, it becomes $275. So the price premium we are paying isn’t really much to whine about. Plus the $25 play store credit evens it out.

John Palamara

259 plus 14% taxes? So around $295. Our price includes all taxes.


The pre-order bonus of $25 Play Store credits makes it a better proposition to buy direct from Google. Yes, and here’s hoping that the item will be shipped the week before retail release. But I have feeling Google Music, TV and Magazines won’t be available for us Aussies even by then though…


You are probably right. But its also possible that there is a $25 voucher in the store bought one (it doesn’t actually says its a pre-order bonus on the web site), have you seen anything written down either way?

Daniel Tyson

It was at the launch, but a number of the free offers at launch included a Movie to keep : Transformers and also Magazine Content which we still haven`t seen here yet, fingers crossed that when they start shipping them out we`ll see Music, Magazines and TV and Movies for sale


wondering if mobicity or similar may beat google’s direct price?


This is going to get me.
I’ll be browsing around JB, and it will be there, and I will know that I have $400 in my bank account that has to last another week till payday. And so I’ll do it. Sudden impulse I’ll pick it up and walk over to the checkout babes, whispering to myself “No no. You can’t afford it. Put it back”. And end up eating 2 minute noodles and buying stuff with 20c coins for a few days once my cash runs out.

Nick Bellios

I’ll be buying one from Harvey’s as I’ve got a dear dear friend that runs the place. I bought my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 from him also. This Nexus 7 will be great for reading PDF’s at work. Should fit snug in the old tool bag ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d carry the 10.1 but it’s too big :/ Killer machine though. Highly recommended.


I hope the ACCC adds this to the laundry list of complaints of Australia Tax pricing at refail.


To be honest, I think that the price of the Nexus 7 is one of the most reasonable out there seeing as how the US$249 is not including sales tax.

US$249 * GST + shipping + retail markup =~ $319



The problem, Zane, is Google are selling this directly to the Australian public with an approx $25 Australia Tax. Shipping is not part of the price for the device, when ordered direct from Google. Now for b&m refail, Google are slapping the shipping onto the refail price that connedsumers will be slugged for. So the device is being flogged b&m refail with an approx $45 Australia Tax.


There’s also a limited $25 play credit (including Transformers movie, and other free content) for those who ordered online. Retail sales may not include this freebies.

Daryl Hall

As stated in the article the price is what you pay if you order in the Play store, $299 for the 16GB version and $19.99 delivery, the 8GB version is $249. So there is nothing for the ACCC to look at. There are many costs in retail that do not exist in pure online retailing, but there is also the benefits to see, touch and test the product before purchase, as well as a real warranty. In as little as 2 years, at the current rate, 5 out of those 11 stores listed will not exist and the only people… Read more ยป


Broken record much ? Does anything make you happy ? Are you that cheap that 20 or 30 dollars is going to kill you ?


And Jeni, please may I remind you of a previous comment.
“So in other words, we’re looking at an 8Gb for $400AUD, and $500 for the 16Gb.”

Seems that didn’t pan out.

Your full of negative comments are pointless, you complain about everything nothing is good enough so move on and find another product.

Phillip Malone

Any word on Google Music for Oz? I wonder if the fact it is meant to (although fine print is mentioned about availability in the region) come with a movie on it means the movie buying store opens on the day of release?


I can buy movies, books and apps. Can’t buy music though.


You can RENT movies..

Chris Spencer.

We better get ours on pre order first! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Goody, goody gumdrops! Any idea when they are coming to these stores? Will it be before those unfortunate souls who has place an order for one via Play store?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nick Bellios

ROFL @ Goody, goody gumdrops! LOVE IT! I ain’t heard that since primary school which was umm errr wow can’t remember 0o Nah kidding! It was around 30 years ago :'(
Hmm, getting old!


I want a Nexus 10, dammit.

Evan Whiteside

I’d love to get my hands on one. But I wouldn’t buy one just yet, as my Galaxy Tab 10.1 does everything i need from a tablet and nothing i dont. ๐Ÿ™‚