Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 10.1 in the US and also announced that it will be available in stores in both the US and London from the 16th of August. However nothing has been advised for Australia, we asked Samsung about availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in Australia and they advised :

“Samsung is delighted that there is interest in the GALAXY Note 10.1 but we are not planning on making any announcements about availability in Australia at the moment”.

So it looks as though if you want the tablet now, you will have to go check out Mobicity which has the white model listed at $799 with 12 month local warranty and free shipping.

The US launch confirmed specs we’d already seen previously, the Screen is obviously 10.1″ and resolution is at 1280×800, CPU is a 1.4GHz Quad Core CPU and it has 2GB RAM, a 5MP rear camera and 1.9MP Front Facing Camera all powered by a 7000mAh battery and don’t forget the Wacom Digitizer and S-Pen. They also announced pricing for the 16GB model at $499USD and the 32GB model which will sell at $549USD and remember to add Australia tax to those for local launch price estimates.

Software wise the Note 10.1 will launch with Touchwiz overlayed over Ice Cream Sandwich but a Jelly Bean update has been promised but no date as yet. Samsung has included SmartStay, AllShare Play, and ShareShot as well as Photoshop Touch which is a no brainer with a Wacom Digitizer and stylus on board and the Note 10.1 will also act as a Universal remote with the included software and IR port.

Samsung US has put up an official Hands-On which you can check out here and rest assured we’ll be keeping on to Samsung about a local launch of the device and let you know ASAP.
[GALAXY Note 10.1] Official Hands-on Video :

Source: AndroidCentral.
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The review by The Verge, of the US version of this proprietary crippleized Android derived tablet is not a pretty read.

Proprietary UX taking a dump on proper vanilla Android UX. Proprietary crippled apps and widgets made for the Proprietary UX, replacing the good vanilla apps and widgets. Proprietary multi-screen which only works with the Proprietary apps and widgets. Proprietary connector, instead of proper USB.
I really hope this Android derived tablet fails in the marketspace, big time.


You look pretty fat in your avatar image. Is that really you?

Nick Kevins

The issues described by verge have not yet been verified. A number of european reviews and initial hands-on reviews in the US have not reported any performance problems. Personally, I’m still hopeful this was a botched review. I do agree with you on the connector though. Especially considering how hard it is to buy samsung accessories.


The official Samsung response to your question is hardly inspiring. If I was them, I would use some sort of “stay tune” reply to keep interest up.

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately it’s a stock standard reply they give to everything. I guarantee if we asked about the Galaxy Note 2 the exact response we’d get is :
Samsung is delighted that there is interest in the GALAXY Note 2 but we are not planning on making any announcements about availability in Australia at the moment