Samsung have released a teaser video for their upcoming launch of the Galaxy Note II — the successor to the surprisingly popular Galaxy Note. In the video they note (punny) it as being “a small and light thing” which may or may not be referring to either the stylus (S-Pen) or the device itself. If the Galaxy Note II is “small” then they may throw a surprising spanner in the works.

There have been rumours in the past of the screen size being around the 5.5-inch region, so it will be strange for it to be much smaller than that, or else we’ll be headed to Galaxy S III size. The Galaxy Note II will be ‘unpacked’ by Samsung at IFA. Are you excited to see its final form?

Source: Samsung.
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Do we have an expected launch date for Aus? Im keen for the new iPhone as my Galaxy Note still hasn’t received ICS – Optus so frustrating! I am keen for the final form Galaxy Note II.

Vijay Alapati

i’m sold 🙂


Again Samsung fail to grasp the nuance of common sense in their marketing. Maybe their slogans are less stupid in Korean? … designed for humans… small and light thing…

Buzz Moody

It’s not a marketing slogan. It’s just teasing at what the device is expected to be. If they market it with the tagline “a small and light thing” then yes, they’ve got an issue.


Sweet !!! Can’t wait