It’s been a bit of a day news wise. Motorola have announced some new devices, LG has hyped their new phone, and Kobo is doing a new Android tablet. We even heard a bit about the record numbers of Android activations.

But one little snippet really didn’t make much by way of headlines. Android’s 1.3m activations per day is a big news headline. The smaller headline, though, was tablets are only around 70,000 of those daily activations — around 5% of the total number. In his speech at the Motorola presser earlier today, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt admitted that Google was late to tablets.

“I admit: Google was late to tablets”
Eric Schmidt

Android has overtaken iOS in mobile shipments, and to those of us who’ve dabbled on both sides, there’s little doubt as to why this is. Equally, there’s little doubt that Apple’s iPad is the heavyweight in the tablet market. Other manufacturers have largely tried — and failed — to knock the iPad off, and we’re only now starting to see tablets that are genuine competitors. The Nexus 7 is a good example of an Android tablet just nailing it, and the Nexus 7 3G delivers, I suspect Android tablet activations will leap ahead.

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of course those google stats don’t include the kindle fire …

Chris Rowe

Any evidence to back up the poor sales comment?

At $250-300 I wouldn’t say it’s bad hardware at all. And the iPad isn’t flawless, nothing the tech industry has pushed out has ever been or ever will be flawless.

Possum Queen

Nexus 7 was a piece of possum poo. Bad quality hardware, good OS = poor sales and lack of enthusiasm.

Why does the iPad do so well? Because its free from headaches. Everything from the OS, to the design to the bloody box is flawless I TELL YA. FLAWLESS. I HATE THE IPAD. BUT YOU HAVE TO ADMIT THAT IT IS FLAWLESS.

I am waiting for google to deliver something flawless, gurl, and then i’ll be buying it.


Your statement claiming the Nexus 7 “was” a device with “bad quality hardware” is contrary to the vast majority of reviews + my own personal experience.

Why don’t you tell us the truth: you have never even used a Nexus 7.

Possum Queen

Why dont you stop basing your arguments on facts that aren’t established? The truth is that i DID own a Nexus 7, for about 30 days. I LOVED it when I first got it, it was like what all the reviews said, it wasn’t the best quality materials (i.e the backing is just plastic, but still feels good, the screen resolution is up there with the ipad) but it was still a good device. But oh here’s the stinker “frankdaley”, and hold onto your chair, because this is going to blow your mind, MY EXPERIENCE differed from yours, OOOH!!!! BURN… Read more »


DANG!!! go easy on the boy/girl.


Feel pity for u…life full of anger sigh…… U want me to intro u anger management? Or mayb get yourselfa chill pill.?

Possum Queen

Not every response on the internet that refutes what a person is saying is made due to anger. Perhaps you should read some Information Systems 101 text books. I would direct you to a chapter on how emails, forums and other text based forms of communication are devoid of emotion and the human element, making it difficult to interpret the emotion the person is conveying. And just to be sure you are interpreting this in the right way, here is a smiley face :).



The Nerd Mama

Having done the mini review for the Nexus 7 on this website, I can tell you that not all Nexus 7’s are plagued with issues. Mine travels with me everywhere, gets used quite often on the go, as well as at home. I’m probably less gentle with it than I should be. I’ve had no issues to date with my screen, or build. I ordered my device in the first week, and picked it up when the Australian pre-orders started being shipped.

I’m sorry your experience was such a negative one, mine has been nothing but fantastic.

Possum Queen

And let me guess, from your sense of self superiority and belief in your ability to “argue”, you are a law student, of some sort? Well let me tell you this sonny jim, you have a long way to go. You need to tighten the reigns and bring in them horses if you think you are going to be a good lawyer. If you already are one, well I pity the state of the legal profession.


You complain far too often on this tread, your anger at the Nexus 7 aside I don’t understand your need to flame / troll other people on this thread. If you don’t have nothing nice or constructive to say perhaps you should not speak at all.